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The Unitech MS860 wireless laser scanner is available in two versions: Bluetooth and WiFi. With its high speed scanning, low power consumption and effective depth of field, the Unitech MS860 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Unitech MS860 Bluetooth

The MUnitech MS860 cradle provides communication between the scanner and a PC and acts as a charging station for the scanner. It uses a 3-in-1 interface which makes it easy to select and replace connection cables. Configuration of the Unitech MS860 is fast and easy. A bar code menu provides extensive setup options. Once ready, the configuration can be cloned and applied to other units through the use of custom bar code labels.

The Unitech MS860 WiFi

Working with your existing wireless network, the Unitech MS860 handheld wireless scanner frees users from restricting cables and base stations. The MS860 is ideal for real-time bar code data collection in warehouse, loading dock, inventory, back office, document tracking, and retail environments.

The incorporated 802.11b module allows the Unitech MS860 to be normally used within approximately 30 meters from a wireless network access point, and up to 100 meters in an open environment, giving users real mobility and freedom to easily scan bulky and hard to reach items.

The Unitech MS860 helps speed up checkout, shortens lines, and increases customer satisfaction thanks to its fast and versatile scanning capabilities. The Unitech MS860 runs on an internal battery pack that yields an operating time of approximately 10 hours. Besides the high battery capacity and the freedom of mobility, the Unitech MS860's ergonomic design provides comfortable use for long periods of operation.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Unitech MS860:

  • Wide angle laser scanner.
  • Arms length scanning.
  • 5-foot drop threshold.
  • 100-foot working range.
  • Replaceable interface cable.
  • Advanced data editing features.
  • Includes power supply, cables and cradle.
  • Click the following link to view the Unitech MS860 Specifications
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