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  • Unitech MS380 Description

    Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the new Unitech MS380 Bluetooth scanner is perfect for long hours of heavy scanning in various environments. With an IP43 environmental seal and the ability to withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete, the Unitech MS380 is built to meet the demands of the workplace, whether healthcare, warehousing, or commercial service.

  • Linear imager scan engine.
  • Supports USB HID interface.
  • Supports GS1 codes.
  • Built-in Wireless Class 1.
  • Rotatable external cradle antenna.
  • Wireless Coverage: Up to 300 feet (open space).
  • Depth-of-field: 1 - 12 inches.
  • Reading resolution: 4mil.
  • 1620mAh battery capacity.
  • 4-foot drop threshold.
  • Includes cradle, USB cable and power supply.The Unitech MS380 cradle offers more flexibility with its Class 1 Bluetooth module that allows the scanner to roam up to 300 feet from its access point. The Unitech MS380 is Bluetooth compatible with any mobile device and tablet including iPhones, iPads and Android. TheUnitech MS380 also features a vibrating alert when it goes out of range, preventing data loss by telling the user to get back in range.

    The Unitech MS380 offers reliable scanning with a 1620mAh battery pack that allows it to scan for more than 8 hours. It is able to read 1D and GS1 barcodes, and delivers a scan width of 8 inches and 12-inch depth of field. With an extremely efficient read rate of 200 scans per second, the Unitech MS380 maximizes efficiency and productivity in a variety of applications.