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Motorola MC18 Barcode Scanners

Motorola MC18
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Motorola MC18 Description

When you put the state of the art technology of the Motorola MC18 in the hands of your shoppers, you provide instant information access and convenience needed to take the shopping experience to the next level.

In combination with applications from our partners, the Motorola MC18 can allow your customers to scan items as they shop for faster checkout. You get real-time visibility into what your shoppers are buying, allowing you to instantly send relevant discount coupons and suggestions for complementary items right to the MC18. The result - Customers spend less time in the store, save more and purchase more, boosting customer satisfaction, basket size and sales.

In addition, your store staff can use the same MC18 device for price audits, price checks and inventory management, improving worker productivity and store efficiency. every customer the personal touch.

Additional Stengths and Advantages of the Motorola MC18:

  • The Motorola MC18 advanced imaging engine enables allows for split-second capture of any 1-D or 2-D barcode, regardless of whether it is printed on paper or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone - or whether it is damaged, scratched or poorly printed. And with omnidirectional scanning, there is never a need to orient barcode and scanner, providing true point-and-shoot simplicity for shoppers and associates alike.
  • A new MC18 higher capacity battery charges faster - just 15 minutes of charging provides enough power for 45 minutes of shopping. Advanced state of health and state of charge information improves device management, helping ensure your cradles are always filled with ready-to-use devices.
  • The Motorola MC18 Charging cradle requirements vary in different sections of your store - which is why the MC18 cradle can be configured three different ways: a high density configuration that shows off the beautiful new MC18 display; a super high-density cradle to minimize space requirements; and a convenient easy-to-install desk mount configuration.
  • Standard on the MC18 is a dual core 800 GHz processor and your choice of 2 or 4 GB of Flash memory provide the power to run the rich multi-media applications your shoppers expect.With drop and tumble testing for the Motorola MC18, plus a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display and scanner exit window, you can count on reliable operation in spite of the inevitable everyday drops.Make the Motorola MC18 with its leading edge shopping technology part of your brand with customizable branding plates that can be imprinted with your logo, available on the right and/or left side of the device.

    The Motorola MC18 comes with a Manufacturer's 1-Year against defects in workmanship and materials.
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