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Motorola LS7708 Bar Code Scanners

Motorola LS7708

  • Motorola LS7708 Description

    Moving customers through checkout quickly is one of the most important issues faced by retailers today. The Motorola LS7708 horizontal presentation scanner from Motorola is the perfect choice for retailers looking for higher throughput and increased productivity.

    The on-counter Motorola LS7708 is available for presentation or swipe scanning in an attractive form factor. For fast, accurate merchandise scanning at checkout, this easy-to-use, hands-free scanner requires minimal operator effort. Every feature contributes to increased performance for more efficient, rapid customer checkouts.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola LS7708:

  • Rastering scan pattern: Speeds customers through checkout by maximizing first-pass read rates and reads truncated bar codes.
  • RSS bar code decoding: Supports new, RSS bar codes to future proof your investment.
  • Universal cables: Saves money with one cable used across the Motorola product line.
  • Multi-interface capability: Protects your investment by allowing migration to future hosts with only a cable change.
  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS): Saves time by eliminating the need to de-activate security tag in a separate step.
  • Automatic sleep mode: Reduces power demand and increases life of the scanner.The Motorola LS7708's easy-to-use design enables employees to spend more time with customers. It has a large scan window for easy and intuitive scanning. An omni-directional, rastering scan pattern with moving laser scan lines delivers superior first-pass read rates and better performance on truncated symbols.

    For retailers with occasional bulky or heavy items, the Motorola LS7708 features a secondary scanner port to connect a handheld scanner. This removes the need for customers or associates to pick up and place cumbersome items on the counter, which saves valuable time. The Motorola LS7708 combines the benefits of productive, hands-free scanning with the versatility of a handheld scanner.

    For medium- to high-volume retailers such as drug, grocery, specialty soft goods, hard goods and department stores, the Motorola LS7708 offers a cost-effective, hands-free solution. The Motorola LS7708 is designed for maximum uptime to withstand the toughest and busiest retail environments. An integrated EAS antenna in every scanner provides the interface for electronic article surveillance (EAS) de-activation, which makes the Motorola LS7708 one of the best values on the market today.

    For a lower TCO, the Motorola LS7708 scanner has the identical solid reliability of the successful Motorola LS7708 plus added performance capabilities. Motorola LS7708 scanners read Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), which offers tracking identification for produce and pharmaceuticals, to future proof your investment.

    First-pass data capture and the elimination of time previously orienting bar codes combines with secondary scanning capabilities to improve worker productivity and point-of-sale throughput. Checkout is faster and more efficient, ultimately improving customer satisfaction - and service. And when it comes to implementation, you can count on Motorola for the help you need to get and keep your investment up and running at peak performance. Motorola offers complete training, installation and ongoing support services to provide seamless deployment, management and continued support of all your advanced data capture solutions.

    The Motorola LS7708 also comes with a Two-Year manufacturer warranty.