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  • Honeywell MS7180 Orbit CG Description

    Honeywell's Orbit series of scanners provide aggressive omnidirectional scanning in an award-winning design for retailers seeking an affordable, aesthetically-pleasing scanning solution.

    Orbit, the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional scanner, presents an innovative, elegant and affordable solution for convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium. Compact, lightweight and rugged, Orbit maximizes customer satisfaction and employee efficiency with a patented 20-line scan pattern, an easy-to-find sweet spot and a scan speed of 1,120 scans per second.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Honeywell MS7180 Orbit CG:

  • Provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications.
  • Engineered "sweet spot" to optimize scan performance and first pass read rate.
  • Ability to tilt scanner 30 degrees for targeted scanning or larger products.
  • Protects POS investment with free firmware updates via MetroSet 2 software and standard PC.
  • Simply present a bar code and the unit scans in a single pass.
  • Increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating RF EAS tags and decoding bar codes.Recipient of multiple design honors, Orbit's award-winning shape enables hand-held scanning of large, bulky items. For added flexibility, the scanning head can be tilted within a 30 degrees range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes.

    For applications that require menu scanning, the Honeywell MS7180 Orbit CG combines the power of patented CodeGate technology with many of the outstanding features already found in the Honeywell MS7180 Orbit CG. CodeGate technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete data transmission with the push of a single button.

    The scanner's expanded ability to update its firmware via Honeywell's free patented MetroSet2 configuration software safeguards long-term infrastructure commitments in the event of a change in the POS system or software.

    Standard features include an integrated EAS antenna for tag deactivation (OrbitCG 7180 only), power save mode, user-replaceable cables, Honeywell's patented MetroSelect and MetroSet2 for easy configuration, data editing and OPOS/JPOS compatibility for easy installation.

    The Honeywell MS7180 Orbit CG also comes with a Three-Year manufacturer warranty.