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  • Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod Description

    The Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod is a compact solution that delivers high performance bar code scanning, plus the added versatility of digital image capture. The Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod's unique form factor makes it ideal for installation where space is limited and continuous scan mode enables a user to easily scan items by simply placing them in front of the scanner - no need to press a trigger.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod:

  • Adaptus Imaging 5.0 provides aggressive omnidirectional reading of all linear,composite, and 2D bar codes, plus digital image capture - enabling you to collect andmanage more data with a single device.
  • Small footprint makes installation easy, even in locations where space is limited without sacrificing ease-of-use or functionality.
  • Advanced on-board software enabling you to crop, rotate, enhance, and compress digital images, ensuring their usability.
  • Positions the 4800p for easy presentation scanning and provides an integrated tray for imaging small documents.
  • Solid-state technology ensures reliability.
  • Uses same cable solutions as our other linear and 2D imagers - simplifying ordering and spares pool management.Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0, the Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod delivers high-performance omnidirectional reading of all bar code symbologies - including linear, stacked and 2D bar codes - with a single technology solution. Regardless of the bar codes in your application today, Adaptus Imaging gives you the flexibility to adapt as your business requirements change without the need to reinvest in new hardware.

    Adaptus Imaging also enables the Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod to take digital pictures - allowing the user to electronically capture, store, and retrieve information, including signatures, pharmacy prescriptions, and forms of personal identification - streamlining and simplifying the storage and management of information by going from paper to digital.

    The Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod's platform stand features an integrated tray that's optimized for capturing digital images of small documents such as drivers' licenses, ID cards or insurance cards. Angle and distance from the document are all pre-configured, making it fast and easy for users to capture and store high-quality images of hard copy documents.

    Used without the stand, the Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod can serve as a triggerless hand-held scanner, a fixed position scanning solution or an integrated component of a broader system such as a kiosk.

    The Honeywell 4800p 2D Image Pod also comes with a Five-Year manufacturer warranty.