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Zebra DS9908-DL Barcode Scanners

Zebra DS9908-DL
Zebra DS9908-DL Authorized Partner
  • Corded, Retail, Driver's License Parsing Barcode Scanner.
  • Scan Techniques - 1D & 2D Standard Range Area Imager (1280 x 800).
  • Scan Range - from 1.1 in up to 3.0 inches Depending on Type & MIL size.
  • Interface Options - USB, RS-232, RS485 and Keyboard Wedge.
  • Withstand Multiple Drops from 4 ft. onto Concrete.
  • Options Include - Driver License Parsing.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects for up to 5 Years.
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The Zebra DS9908-DL is a hybrid, offering both handheld and hands-free scanning. barcode scanner capable of scanning Drivers License data and printed 1D & 2D barcodes. As a member of the Zebra DS9900 Series of hybrid barcode scanners, the DS9908-DL is designed for point of sale environments required to scan driver licenses for age verification or to populate user information for loyalty programs as well as printed barcodes, regardless of size, poorly printed, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty or damaged and electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays. With a manufacturer's warranty against defects for 60-months, and able to withstand 5 ft. drops to concrete, the Zebra DS9908-DL is an ideal Driver License and POS scanning solution.

Zebra DS9908-DL Barcode Scanners - Options

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All Options
Zebra DS9908-DL00004ZZNA
Zebra DS9908-DL00004ZZNA
- DS9908-DL Scanner Only. DS9908-DL Standard Range Scanner with Driver's License Parsing capability. Connector Cable not included - please see accessories. Color: Black.

1D Scan 2D Scan Stand

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Zebra DS9908-DL00004ZCNA
Zebra DS9908-DL00004ZCNA
- DS9908-DL Scanner Only with EAS. DS9908-DL Standard Range Scanner with Driver's License Parsing and Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance/EAS capability. Connector Cable not included - please see accessories. Color: Black.

1D Scan 2D Scan Stand

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Zebra DS9908-DL Description

Zebra DS9908-DL Corded, Retail, Driver License Parsing Barcode Scanner

Enhance your workflow efficiency, productivity, and accuracy with the Zebra DS9908-DL corded retail scanner. This hands-free on-counter scanner is designed to meet the specific needs of retail environments, offering seamless integration and exceptional performance.

Zebra DS9908-DL Scanning Capabilities

The DS9908-DL combines 1D and 2D standard range area imaging technology, delivering superior scanning performance. With a resolution of 1280 x 800, it ensures clear and accurate barcode reading, even for small and dense codes. Its scan range extends from 1.1 inches up to 3.0 inches, catering to various barcode sizes and types.

Flexible Interface Options

Connectivity is made easy with USB, RS-232, RS485, and Keyboard Wedge interface options. Choose the interface that best suits your existing systems and effortlessly integrate the DS9908-DL into your operations.

Rugged and Durable Design

Designed to withstand the demands of a retail environment, the DS9908-DL is engineered to withstand multiple drops from a height of 4 feet onto concrete. This ensures longevity and minimizes downtime, even in the event of accidental drops.

Zebra DS9908-DL License Scanning

Driver's License Parsing: The DS9908-DL offers the option to include driver's license parsing, simplifying the capture of relevant data and speeding up customer transactions.

Manufacturer Warranty and Support

Rest assured with Zebra's manufacturer warranty against defects for up to 5 years. Zebra is committed to providing exceptional support and ensuring your scanner operates at its best.

Zebra DS9908-DL: Ideal Retail Scanning Solution

Optimize your retail operations with the Zebra DS9908-DL. With its unmatched scanning capabilities, flexible interface options, rugged design, and advanced features, this barcode scanner is the perfect solution for retail environments. Improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction with the DS9908-DL.
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