Motorola LS9203i - Part# SXB-LS9203I-20-R

SXB-LS9203I-20-R - Motorola LS9203i

    Part# SXB-LS9203I-20-R

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Motorola LS9203i - Part# SXB-LS9203I-20-R Highlights

    Motorola LS9203i - Part# SXB-LS9203I-20-R Product Description

    Easy to use, deploy and maintain, the Motorola omni-directional presentation scanner delivers a high-value choice for seamless integration of advanced data capture into your point-of-sale (POS) environment - at an affordable price.

    Designed to speed the checkout process for customers while improving sales tracking and inventory management, the Motorola offers high quality performance that enables your POS employees to work faster and more accurately. And durable construction protects it from the shocks of heavy use, extending the life of your investment.

    The Symbol helps you lower costs by eliminating the errors inherent with manual, paper-based sales and inventory tracking. You increase profitability by reducing pricing mistakes, minimizing shrinkage and providing better visibility into fundamental business processes. Because the is both a handheld and a presentation scanner, your employees are able to quickly switch between hands-free and handheld mode to scan bar codes easily, maximizing their productivity. You also help reduce injuries, because your employees and customers don't need to lift or maneuver heavy items for scanning.

    Additional advantages and benefits of the Motoral :

  • Electronic data capture technology - Eliminates manual effort and paper-based data collection errors, reducing costs related to inventory errors and shrinkage while also improving accuracy and speeding POS data collection.
  • Omni-directional scan pattern - Speeds checkout times and frees employees to serve more customers.
  • High-performance optics - Delivers superior data capture, even on high density bar codes.
  • Flexible handheld or hands-free scanning - Saves employees time, lowers equipment costs and reduces injuries caused by heavy lifting.
  • Durable design - Ensures reliable performance and investment protection by withstanding multiple drops to concrete.
  • Extra loud beeper (85dBA) - Confirms positive decode feedback in noisy environments.
  • Plug-and-play setup, intuitive scanning - Enables rapid deployment and immediate use without formal training, allowing new and experienced employees to immediately help improve operational efficiency.
  • Multiple interfaces - Provides investment protection by permitting migration to new hosts without replacing scanners.
  • Universal cables - Lowers total cost of ownership through easy replacement or upgrade; improved abrasion resistance in areas most likely to wear.The Motorola comes complete with cables, and in most cases, all you need to do is simply plug in the device. Any required customized configuration can be completed quickly and easily with a quick scan of a provided set of programming bar codes. Designed with multiple on-board interfaces and universal cables, the provides flexible host connectivity and easy migration to new hosts - without requiring the replacement of scanners.

    When you choose the Motorola , you enjoy the advantages of a world-class partner channel, world-class management solutions and world-class services. To help protect your investment from the unexpected, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services recommends Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support. This multi-year coverage plan provides the next-business-day device replacement you need to keep your businesses running smoothly and productively. And built-in Comprehensive Coverage extends normal wear and tear to cover internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage for no additional charge - significantly reducing your unforeseen repair expenses.
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