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Motorola LS 9208 Bar Code Scanners - Part# LS9208-7NNR2800S

LS9208-7NNR2800S - Motorola LS 9208

    Verifone - Ready-to-Go Kit. Scanner, Hands-Free Stand & RS232 Verifone Cable included. Color: Black.


The Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S presentation scanner from Motorola delivers both a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern for increased productivity at checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Built for both speed and versatility, the Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S features a small footprint, choice of colors and an optional, adjustable multi-mount stand that is easily adaptable to many point-of-sale environments.

Streamline a variety of everyday processes in retail and other environments with the Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S. In retail operations, such as convenience, grocery, department and specialty stores, the scanner improves throughput at the checkout counter, instantly deactivates EAS security tags and can even help workers identify a product in the back room. In a drug store or pharmacy, the device can also be used to help meet regulatory requirements by verifying prescriptions and managing the administration associated with certain over-thecounter but controlled substances.

Additional benefits and values of the Motorola LS9208-7NNR2800S:

  • High-performance with 100-line rastering omnidirectional scan pattern = Increased productivity fornovice and expert users resulting in shorter checkout lines, better customer service.
  • Single line scan pattern = Perfect for reading bar code menus and pick lists.
  • Multiple onboard interfaces = Flexible host connectivity protects your hardware investment.
  • Universal cables = Allows for easy replacement and/or upgrades.
  • Small footprint = Fits into the tightest cash/wrap environment.
  • Adjustable Multimount Stand = Optimize operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Built-in shock absorption = Protects scan module assembly increasing durability.
  • Flash Memory = Facilitates updates and customization of product in the field.
  • Checkpoint Electronic = Article Surveillance (EaS) deactivation option.
  • Integrated antenna = saves valuable counter space.
  • Supports 123Scan Setup utility = Flexible setup using PC download.
  • Reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) = Compatibility with new symbology leverages your hardware investment.
  • Global trade item number (Gtin) Compliant = Capable of decoding and transmitting 14-digit GTINs, where appropriate advanced Data formatting (aDf).
  • Enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer, eliminating costly modifications to the host software.Employees can quickly scan badges to track time and attendance. And since there is no need to orient the scanner and the bar code, even patrons in a library can scan books in and out keeping checkout lines moving and check-in bins empty.

    With the 123Scan setup utility, programming and configuring the LS9208-7NNR2800S is made easy and minimizes startup time wherever the scanner is used. What's more, multiple onboard interfaces and universal cables further reduce your inventory requirements. For the most investment protection, the Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S also features built-in shock absorption that adds unmatched durability for a scanner in this class.

    The Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S offers premium features and powerful performance to help you save time and money. today's most advanced presentation scanner from a global leader.

    In many applications, the feature-rich Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S presentation scanner offers aggressive performance, maximum durability and optimal ergonomics to create a more productive POS environment. When you buy the Symbol LS9208-7NNR2800S, you receive the added assurance of purchasing from Motorola a company with proven solutions and millions of scanner installations worldwide.