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Motorola P470 Bar Code Scanners - Part# K470-SR1001100USR-RS232

K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 - Motorola P470

    RS232 - Ready-to-Go Kit without Keypad. Standard Range Scanner with Communication/Charging Cradle, RS232 Cable, Battery, Power Supply, Line cord & Reference Guide included. Color: White/Gray.
    - Parts Included: P470-SR1001100FBR, PL470-1000FBR, STI20-0201R, 25-17821-20R, 50-14000-239R & 50-16000-182R

The Symbol K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 cordless RF bar code scanners from Motorola are rugged, high-performance wireless devices that enable instant decision-making and seamless communications throughout the enterprise.

Designed with a comfortable forward-scanning pistol grip to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications, the K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 scanners are available in keypad or keyless configurations.

The Motorloa K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 scanners offer easy system integration along with a programmable architecture that extends functionality beyond basic bar code scanners. For fast integration, the K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 supports the 123Scan setup utility software, a convenient Microsoft Windows-based program that helps reduce your start-up time and costs for these scanners. This free utility enables you to configure communication settings and enable/disable symbologies. It also assists you in generating advanced data formatting (ADF) rules to allow bar code data to be modified by the scanner before it is sent to the host application.

The K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 scanners can be programmed via PC download or by scanning bar codes generated by the utility. For added versatility, you can also purchase MCLTM-Designer software, a programmable architecture that extends scanner functionality. Even non-programmers can develop custom data management applications to harness the on-board computing power of these scanners. Further, MCL-Link communication software easily connects the K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 to your host.

Capabilities and features of the Symbol K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 include:

  • Cordless RF scanning - Enables real-time bar code data collection wherever cables restrict movement or limit access.
  • Keyless and keypad versions.
  • 2.4 GHz point-to-point radio frequency technology - Improves accuracy with error-free, reliable data transmission.
  • 17-key alphanumeric keypad and 2-line x 20-character display - Allows users to easily view, enter and delete scanned records for maximum productivity.
  • Forward-scanning pistol grip - Reduces user fatigue in scan-intensive environments.
  • Flexibility that works inside and outside the enterprise.
  • Easy system integration and programmable architecture.
  • ODBC database connectivity.
  • Automation of frequent tasks such as nightly data downloads and look-up file updates.
  • Proven performance and affordability.With the Symbol Phaser K470-SR1001100USR-RS232 cordless RF bar code scanners, you can choose the device that best meets your application needs in any environment. The P370 is suited for extreme environments, making it ideal for warehouse, yard or loading dock applications. And the P470 delivers the identical data capture functionality for in-store uses including stockroom tasks and oversized item checkout. Both scanners deliver the proven performance and affordability that customers have grown to expect from Motorola.