Motorola DS6878-DL - Part# DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL

DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL - Motorola DS6878-DL

    USB - Ready-to-Go Kit. DS6878-DL Driver License Parser Cordless Imager, Communication/Charging Cradle and USB Cable included. Power Supply & Power Cord not included - please see options. Color: Black.

  • The Motorola DS6878-DL has been Upgraded and the Direct Replacement is the Zebra DS8178-DL.
  • Driver's License parsing - 2D and Bluetooth, cordless bar code scanners.
  • Scan Techniques - 1D, 2D, Postal, PDF417 & Image Capture scanning.
  • Bluetooth Radio Range - up to 33 foot radius.
  • Bluetooth Specs - Bluetooth, Class 1, Version 2.1 + EDR.
  • Scan Range - up to 8 inches.
  • Withstands multiple 6' drops to concrete.
  • Warranty - Against defects for up to 3 years.

The Motorola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL cordless imager offers the complete data capture functionality required to streamline and error-proof everyday processes in an ergonomic, comfortable and easy-to-use design. This single DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL device can capture all common bar codes (1D, 2D and PDF417) on labels as well as on mobile phone displays.

The on-board DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL Driver's License parsing agent enables the instant decoding of the bar coded information on driver's licenses to support a wide variety of value-added applications.

The optional hands-free presentation cradle enables additional advanced capabilities, including: the ability to capture signatures, documents and photographs; optical character recognition (OCR) to capture the text in documents; and MICR to capture the numeric information on the bottom of checks. Electronic record keeping is enriched and checks can be instantly converted to electronic debit transactions, reducing the time and cost associated with processing paper checks as well as the risk of check fraud.

Add easy remote management, business-class durability, future proofing and world-class support and you have a scanner that not only offers the advanced data capture features your users need, but also the extraordinary total cost of ownership (TCO) required to easily justify this technology investment.

Built on Motorola's revolutionary SE4500 scan engine, the Motorola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL breaks the barriers that have long separated 1D laser scanning and 2D imaging technologies, delivering an industry first - 1D laser scanning performance on 2D bar codes. Businesses no longer need to sacrifice speed and scanning quality for bar code scanning diversity. Exceptional motion tolerance enables extraordinary scanning speed on all bar codes. The DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL scanner can capture even poor quality and damaged bar codes, virtually eliminating exceptions. The easy to use device offers an intuitive aiming pattern and full omni-directional scanning, which eliminates the need to precisely align bar code and imager. And the patent-pending fast-pulse illumination consistently delivers the light required to capture the bar code, enabling use in virtually any type of lighting. The result is increased throughput and productivity.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Motorola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL:

The ability to roam up to 300 ft. away from a host device offers cable-free convenience, improving safety and allowing the extension of advanced data capture in more applications and industries. The latest Bluetooth technology, V2.1 with EDR, improves security and power management, offering superior protection for the wireless data traveling between scanner and host and helping to ensure ample power for full shift use.

orola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL is built to survive everyday all day use in enterprise environments. The device offers Motorola's best-in-class drop specification - 6 ft. drops to concrete. IP43 sealing protects sensitive electronic components from exposure to dust and liquids. The result is dependable operation, despite the inevitable everyday drops, bumps and spills.

Integrated support for Motorola's Remote Scanner Management (RSM) technology combines with Motorola's complementary 123Scan2 scanner management software utility to enable effortless centralized management of all your DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL scanners. The ability to automate asset tracking, configuration and firmware updates dramatically reduces the time, cost and logistical headaches typically associated with the management of mobile devices.

Support for emerging bar code symbologies and industry trends helps future proof the Motorola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL, protecting lifecycle and TCO. The device can read GS1 Data Bar codes, a symbology that provides the rich product information required to enable better inventory management, improve purchasing decisions and streamline supply chains. In addition, the ability to read bar codes that are displayed on cell phone screens enables mobile loyalty and mobile couponing programs - the latest trend in marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

Keep your Motorola DS6878-DL20007WR-USB-KIT-BL scanners up and running at peak performance with Motorola's Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support. This exceptional service minimizes downtime with next-businessday replacement of devices that require repair. Your scanners will also be protected from the unexpected with built-in Comprehensive Coverage, which covers virtually anything that might happen to the device - from accidental damage to normal wear and tear. Unforeseen repair expenses are significantly reduced, providing service peace of mind from the date of purchase.