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Zebra DS4800 Series Bar Code Scanners - Part# DS4801-DL4U0000SGW

DS4801-DL4U0000SGW - Zebra DS4800 Series

    Area Imager (Kit, DL, Black)

  • 20-71048-04R
  • Intellistand (Hands-Free Intellistand for the DS4800 Scanner. Color: Midnight Black.

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The Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW assists in allowing your store represents your brand. You take pride in its design. The ambiance it creates is a big part of your customer's experience, and you've worked hard to make sure they feel it the moment they walk through your doors. With the Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW, you can extend that customer experience right to your POS. This innovative bar code scanner offers style without compromise, marrying impressive design and leading-edge technologies with the enterprise reliability and functionality that you expect from Motorola Solutions. The Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW - elite performance, elegantly crafted.

The traditional mechanical trigger is replaced with a modern capacitive touch trigger, complete with haptic feedback. Your cashiers can choose their preferred trigger action - a quick tap, press or swipe of a finger or thumb. Flexible decode feedback ensures the Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW Series will integrate seamlessly into your environment while remaining easy to use. Instead of the traditional beep tone that signifies a successful scan, you can choose from vibrations, visual feedback and a library of melodic tones that will complement your environment.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW:

  • The Star DS4801-DL4U0000SGW Series brings a new level of style to your POS. This easy to use scanner can complement the most sophisticated, fashion-conscious decor.
  • Capture every bar code that is presented at your POS - 1D, 2D, printed on labels, displayed on a mobile phone screen, high density, poorly printed, damaged and under shrinkwrap.
  • In addition to standard colors alpine white and midnight black, the Star DS4801-DL4U0000SGW Series can be printed with a custom design or your corporate color, as well as your logo.
  • Capture checks, ID cards and more for easy electronic recordkeeping.
  • Support for over 90 international keyboards enables easy deployment anywhere in the world.The Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW offers the best of both worlds - scanning capability and chic consumer styling. The Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW will not only impress your shoppers, it will keep lines moving at the POS. It can capture any 1D and 2D bar code printed on a paper label or displayed on the screen of a shopper's mobile phone.

    The Motorola DS4801-DL4U0000SGW also comes with a Five-Year manufacturer warranty.