Wasp WLS9600 - Part# 633808929664

633808929664 - Wasp WLS9600

    Stand (Accessory Smart Stand for the WLS9600 Laser Barcode Scanner.)

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  • Easy to use, aggressive barcode laser scanner.
  • Scan Techniques - Single visible laser diode for 1D barcode scanning capabilities.
  • Scan Rate - 100 scans per second.
  • Scan Range - from 1.4 in. up to 27.2 in. depending upon type & mil size.
  • Withstands multiple drops at 6 feet to concrete.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer warranty against defects for a period of 2 years.

The Wasp 633808929664 laser barcode scanner makes it simple to add barcode data to spreadsheets, word processing documents or databases. Just connect the Wasp 633808929664 to your PC, and you're ready to begin scanning barcodes. The Wasp 633808929664 features a laser scan engine for rapid, error-free data entry. Easily read all common one-dimensional (1D) barcodes, including damaged symbols or stacked RSS barcodes.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Wasp 633808929664:

  • Save time and improve accuracy of data entry.
  • Installs quickly and easily, plugging directly into your PC - no drivers required.
  • Aggressive reading performance and a patented "Green Spot" technology ensure rapid scanning.
  • Durable design limits downtime due to breakage.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic form factor is comfortable to use for prolonged periods.
  • "Green Spot" scanning technology provides visual good-read feedback.
  • Aggressive 100 scans per second decode rate.
  • Excellent depth-of-field: over 47.9 cm / 19.0 in.
  • Durable design is able to withstand multiple 6' drops to concrete.
  • Optional hands-free stand.
  • Supports all common 1D barcodes, including RSS.The Wasp 633808929664 offers aggressive reading performance, with over 100 scans per second, and a patented "Green Spot" technology for good read feedback; making the scanner extremely easy to use. Fast scan rate and dynamic decoding capabilities ensure employees are able to scan items quickly and, as a result, spend less time keying in data.

    Designed to deliver superior performance in demanding environments, the Wasp 633808929664 is ideal for office, healthcare, and warehouse use. Pair the Wasp 633808929664 with the optional hands-free stand for rapid checkout in retail environments. The Wasp 633808929664 is built to last and features a durable IP52 sealing rating, to protect against dust and liquid spills, and the ability to withstand multiple 6' drops to concrete.

    The Wasp 633808929664 also comes with a Two-Year manufacturer warranty.