Datalogic QuickScan QS6500BT - Part# 24016

24016 - Datalogic QuickScan QS6500BT

    Battery Pack (Grey Battery Pack for the QS6500BT.

The QuickScan reader series is Datalogic Scanning's value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. The Datalogic 24016 linear imaging reader is the highest performing cordless member of the QuickScan family. Featuring Bluetooth wireless technology and a 33 ft cordless range, the 24016 can eliminate the cables that limit operator movement and create safety concerns in the workplace. Optionally, the reader can transmit data to the host through its base station as well as any commercial or embedded Bluetooth 2.0 compliant device.

For increased productivity, an innovative charging-base station allows the product to scan bar codes while its battery is charging. Deep Sleep Mode provides the option to program durations of inactivity to additionally save battery power and increase the number of scans between charges. Simply press the trigger to wake up the reader.

A Leash Mode reduces the risk of hand sets being stolen, misplaced or accidentally moved out of its base station proximity: A beeper alarm sounds upon a dropped link or if the reader is out of the area. Reading a bar code on the back of the base station re-establishes the connection.

Additional Features and Benefits of the Datalogic 24016:
  • Aggressive reading performance up to 450 scans/second.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology with up to 10 m / 33 ft range.
  • Excellent depth of field up to 38.1 cm / 15.0 in reading on 100% UPC labels.
  • Multi-interface solution supports all popular host terminal interfaces.
  • Supports GS1 DataBar and additional support for PDF417, Micro-PDF and UPC/EAN Composites on select models.
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades in the field.
  • Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP52.
  • Drop resistance to 1.5 m / 4.9 ft.All of the most popular interfaces are supported in every unit including IBM, USB, KBW, and RS-232, and switching interfaces is as easy as changing cables. The 24016's configuration program provides user-friendly features to visualize the reader's configuration, create and duplicate special configurations and access and easily manipulate advanced label editing options. Flash memory fallows for easy software upgrades of operating software and new symbologies or updates for existing symbologies are easily added.
    • Wall Mount (Mounting Wall Bracket for the QS6500BT)

      Part# 11-0129
    • $21.70
    • PS/2 Cable (Straight 12ft. Keyboard Wedge Cable for the QS6500BT.

      Part# 8-0741-17
    • $23.46
    • RS232 Cable (Straight 12ft. RS232 Cable for the QS6500BT.

      Part# 8-0736-80
    • $24.63
    • USB Cable (Coiled 12ft. USB Cable for the QS6500BT.

      Part# 8-0734-16
    • $28.72