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Keyboard Wedges(Decoders)

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Keyboard Wedges

What exactly is a keyboard wedge - A keyboard wedge can be either hardware or software( it's called a wedge because it "wedges" in between the system keyboard and a computer). A keyboard wedge interface is the best way to incorporate barcode technology with data management systems that are already in place and these systems are usually designed to receive input data from a keyboard.
  • Hardware Keyboard Wedge
    - The wedge interface is built into the bar code scanner.
    - Physically, the keyboard plugs into the scanner and the scanner plugs into the computer console.
    - When you type on the keyboard, the characters are sent to the computer as usual, therefore not effecting any typing reuirements.
    - When you scan a bar code, the barcoded characters are converted to keyboard "key codes", and sent to the computer.
    - So, the computer thinks that the data in the barcode was typed on the keyboard.
  • Software Keyboard Wedge
    - A software wedge accomplishes the same end result as a hardware wedge.
    - Many bar code scanners manufactured today have RS-232 interfaces and these interfaces will connect directly to the COM port on a PC, but not to the keyboard connection.
    - A software wedge makes a scanner connected to a COM port look as though it were a hardware wedge connected to the keyboard.
    - It takes the scanner data in, via the COM port, and re-routes it within the PC to the keyboard buffer.
    - The computer thinks the data was typed on the keyboard.

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