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Customer Displays

Below is a list of our Customer Displays partners. Please click a logo to view each manufacturer's products. Or you can read more about the type of customer displays and their applications.

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Customer Displays(Pole Displays)

Pole displays are an important not only to your customers, but also allows for branding of the customers at the point of sale. The amount of time stores have to influence the behavior of customers is a key factor.
  • Adjustable pole displays allows for varying height displays therefore allowing customers clean viewing of their charges as items are scanned.
  • POS (point of sale) pole displays can now be equipped to play promotional advertisements while consumers stand in checkout lines.
  • Four-line displays are becoming popular and since displays are often used as an advertising medium, the need for more display lines is increasing. A four-line display is well suited for use in theaters, ie. the display shows the number of adult tickets sold, the number of child tickets sold and the total amount due while the fourth line reminds ticket holders to buy popcorn and snacks at the concession stand.

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