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Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista Bar Code Scanners

Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista

  • Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista Description

    Combining the benefits of CCD & Laser technologies, the Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista bar code scanner is the ultimate user's choice.

    New Intermec developments in decoding and scanning resulted in:
  • Unique reading performances
     - The ScanPlus 1800 Vista succeeds in reading barcodes at 49.2 cm (19.4”) distance
     - a scan rate of up to 225 scan/sec.
  • Snappy response and easy aiming makes it very comfortable to use.
  • It can read any type of codes, whether they are poorly printed, damaged, 18cm (7”) long, or if they incorporate code 39 with a barcode width of 0.05mm/0.2mil (unique in the market place).
  • It is operational in any lighting conditions, from total darkness to full exposition to sun light (100,000 lux).

    Comfortable to use the ScanPlus 1800 Vista inherits the ergonomics and light shape of the ScanPlus 1800 family. Aiming is very easy thanks to the sharp and bright scanning line (specific LED system).

    The ScanPlus 1800 Vista bar code scanner incorporates no moving parts. For this reason, it has a longer life than any laser scanner. It withstands multiple drops to concrete from 1m (3.2') and can be used in a wide temperature range.

    ScanPlus 1800 Vista is compatible for contact and non contact applications. Also, it is compatible with more than 400 host interfaces, including OLEpos and USB. All standard 1D symbologies are available, as well as PDF 417. Future upgrades or special applications are easily implemented using flash memory.

    Laser scanners can be harmful if the user looks accidentally into the beam. For ScanPlus 1800 Vista, the illumination is produced by LEDs that are absolutely safe for the user.

    All these benefits gathered at an extremely competitive price. In fact, the Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Vista is the answer for most of the applications and for all budgets. As any member of the ScanPlus 1800 range, the ScanPlus 1800 Vista is compatible with EasySet™ set up software for the fastest on line or off line configuration.