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Motorola RFD5500 Description

The Motorola RFD5500 brings industry-leading RFID technology to your MC55, MC65 or MC67 mobile computers. This versatile accessory makes these mobile computers state-of-the-art handheld RFID readers that are at home in the storefront, carpeted business areas or with the WAN enabled MC65 or MC67, out in the field. With its light weight, rugged design and well-balanced, gun-style grip, the Motorola RFD5500 is suited to the most read-intensive applications. And the advanced, high efficiency Motorola RFID reader engine gives you fast read rates, high throughput - and improved productivity in your operation.

Most RFID readers offer you a choice of antennas: linear polarization for a longer read range or circular polarization for wider coverage. Motorola's patented omnidirectional antenna offers the best of both worlds - a superior read range and superior coverage area. The orientation agnostic antenna in the Motorola RFD5500 delivers extraordinary reliability and there's no need to precisely align the reader with the tag. That means your workers can quickly and accurately capture data on even the most challenging items - from a pile of clothing in a retail store or a box of files in the office to a shelf full of data tapes in the data center.

Many RFID handheld readers can identify the general proximity of an item - for example, a shelf. The Motorola RFD5500 offers a unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues to quickly guide a worker to the precise location of any desired item. As the device moves closer to a specific item, a tone beeps louder and faster, while a sliding graphical bar increases in size. So your employees can locate any individual item, regardless of where it may be, quickly and easily.

The Motorola RFD5500 adds best-in-class RFID data capture technologies to the best-in-class bar code scanning ability of your MC55, MC65 or MC67. The versatility of using two readers in a single device means employees can locate products, read non-line-of-sight RFID data, and capture even damaged and poor quality 1D bar codes without interrupting workflow. Meanwhile, you have fewer devices to purchase and manage, which translates to a lower cost of ownership for you.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola RFD5500:

  • Business-class RFID handheld for global deployments - Supports regions based on European, Japanese and US RFID frequencies.
  • Motorola RFID reader engine - Delivers advanced, high efficiency read performance for faster read rates and higher throughput.
  • Easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - Rapid and cost-effective application development.
  • Max RFID Antenna - Maximize the performance of your RFID solutions with this patented orientation insensitive antenna. The unique combination of linear and circular polarization maximizes read range and coverage area, delivering the extraordinary reliability required to capture tags - even on the most challenging items.
  • MAX Secure - MAX Secure provides the security features required to ensure secure data transmissions over either the WLAN or the WWAN - including highly sensitive applications in government and public safety.The Motorola RFD5500 also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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    Motorola RFD5500 Specifications

    Motorola RFD5500 Specifications

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