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Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset Mobile Computers

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Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset Description

The Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset provides the feature set required to replace paper with voice in demanding enterprise environments - in the warehouse, in the freezer, on the loading dock, or in the factory. Whether your workers are involved in receiving, picking and replenishment or putaway, shipping and other inventory-related tasks, the Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset enables voice-directed applications and real-time voice communications, reducing cycle times and errors while increasing productivity and throughput in a vital business hub.

The stylish Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset is designed to bridge the gap between light duty call center-style and costly military grade headsets, offering an extremely rugged design and providing enhanced acoustic quality in an affordable headset that delivers all-day comfort. The smart material selection provides maximum strength - with minimum weight. The universal design is compatible with Motorola's most popular rugged handheld mobile computers, providing the flexibility to deploy the right mobile device for the job. One size truly does fit all - a headband capable of adjusting almost two inches ensures a good fit for nearly every worker. With a high performance noise cancelling microphone, the headset improves productivity even in the noisiest environments by allowing your workers' responses to be recognized the first time. Add a modern design that your workers will want to wear and you have the ideal industrial headset, making successful voice-recognition applications and two-way voice communications a reality in the harshest and noisiest environments.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset:

  • Premier rugged specifications enable dependable yearround use in nearly any environment, including the ability to withstand exposure to heat, cold, humidity, dust, condensation, drops and bumps.
  • Provides superior noise canceling technology - capable of filtering out ambient noise that is only inches away; designed to recognize sounds arriving at the front of the microphone only, isolating and filtering out sounds arriving from the sides and rear.
  • Eliminates the voice quality issues common with barreljack connectors, yet ensures worker safety.
  • Protects employee health by preventing the spread of germs in the workplace.
  • Extends product lifecycle - no need to discard the headset due to everyday wear; ensures the same degree of comfort from the first day of purchase to the last day of service.
  • An almost two-inch adjustment range accommodates any size worker; the ability to standardize on a single headset simplifies mobility - there is only one type of headset and accessories to purchase and manage.
  • Flexibility to choose different types of Motorola mobile computers for different types of workers - from full size rugged industrial designs to pocketable Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs).Whether your workers spend the day traveling back and forth between a warehouse freezer and the heat of a loading dock on a hot summer day, or are out on the tarmac loading and unloading trucks in snow, sleet and rain, the Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset has what it takes to ensure reliable operation. The Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset passes Motorola's stringent mechanical design tests for both stress and endurance. The headset is built to survive the stress of multiple 6 ft./1.8m drops across the entire operating temperature range. An exceptionally rugged strain relief design provides superior cable bend tolerance, ensuring dependable operation even in extreme heat and cold. In the endurance test, the headset continued to perform even after 1000 consecutive 1.64 ft./0.5 m hits in Motorola's tumble drum. IP67 environmental sealing allows the headset to thrive in dusty and wet environments.

    The success of voice-directed applications is dependent upon the acoustic performance of the headset. Ambient noise can prevent workers from hearing an instruction - or can force workers to repeat responses. The Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset is loaded with features that ensure superior acoustic performance by not only protecting the technology inside the headset, but also addressing the environmental challenges in noisy environments. Sealed audio components protect the speaker and microphone from moisture that would otherwise create distortion and degrade the audio quality. Even if other workers are nearby, the microphone provides superior noise canceling technology, filtering out background sounds and eliminating the potential for your application to receive multiple voice-inputs.

    The lightweight ergonomic design of the Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset eliminates pressure points, providing full shift comfort. In addition, the ability to change the microphone windscreen and speaker ear pad as well as the possibility to wipe down the headset at every shift change protects the health of your workforce. Finally, a quick disconnect feature allows workers to rapidly separate the mobile computer and the headset, improving worker safety.

    Maximize the uptime and the value of your Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset headsets with Motorola's Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support. When you choose this unique program, you'll enjoy the next-business-day replacement of headsets that require repair, delivering service peace of mind from the date of purchase.The Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset is part of Motorola's comprehensive mobility solutions portfolio that provides everything you need to successfully deploy mobility in your organization - from a wide range of mobile computers that can be paired with the Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset to wireless infrastructure, mobility management solutions and a full range of services to assist you with every facet of your mobility solution, including design, implementation and everyday support.

    The Motorola RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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