Every day, workers on the manufacturing plant floor scan thousands of direct part marks required to protect product quality and user safety - and meet end-to-end product traceability regulations. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner you put in their hands. With the corded Motorola DS3608-DP and cordless Motorola DS3678-DP imagers, you can give them the best - unmatched rugged design, unmatched scanning performance and unrivaled manageability.

Advanced scanning delivers lightning-fast capture of direct part marks, plus any 1D or 2D barcode printed on a label in virtually any condition. The ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible - ideal for punishing environments.

The Motorola DS3678-DP scanners couldn"t be easier and less time-consuming to deploy and manage. And when it comes to cordless technology, the Motorola DS3678-DP is loaded with Motorola-only features that put it in a class of its own.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Motorola DS3678-DP:
  • Superior scanning performance on DPM and standard 1D/2D barcodes: Comprehensive patented features enable the capture of literally every type of direct part mark (DPM) and printed 1D/2D barcode. DPM codes can be captured, regardless of size, surface, contrast or density - including the most challenging mark, dot peen, as well as laser etch, ink mark, chemical etch, inkjet mold, cast and thermal spray. The same DS3678-DP scanner can capture barcodes printed on labels in virtually any condition - including damaged, dirty, poorly printed or under shrinkwrap. This dual functionality provides excellent value: you get one scanner you can use on the production line for end-to-end track and trace of materials - and in the warehouse from receiving to shipping.
  • Ultra-rugged - the most indestructible design in its class: The DS3678-DP is our most rugged scanner yet, with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specification in its class. The DS3678-DP is built to survive an 8 ft. drop to concrete - 23 percent more durable than any other scanner in this class. The DS3678-DP operates reliably after 5,000 tumbles, simulating the real-world tumbling that occurs with a drop. The DS3678-DP is dust proof, spray proof and waterproofed to IP67 and can be sprayed down with jetting water and even submersed in water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Advanced illumination system: Advanced illumination provides the multiple lighting effects required to capture marks on any type of surface - including reflective, irregular and curves as well as low and high contrast marks. The built-in diffuser provides the indirect light required to capture marks printed on very shiny and reflective surfaces. The proprietary design of the diffuser also directs additional lighting to the edges of barcodes marked on a curved surface, enhancing the image for easier decoding. Finally, a glancing direct light mode provides the bright light required to successfully read low contrast barcodes marked on any type of surface, including challenging polished materials.
  • Easy management with our complimentary industry-best tools: Remotely configure DS3678-DP scanners, upgrade firmware, format data properly for your back end and monitor PowerPrecision+ battery statistics and more with 123Scan2 and Scanner Management Service (SMS).
  • A Bluetooth model in a class of its own for superior cordless freedom: Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) provides lightning fast wireless communication and maximum energy efficiency.

    Our Motorola Wi-Fi Friendly Mode eliminates the wireless interference that Bluetooth devices can often create in your Wi-Fi environment.

    The "go anywhere" rugged cradle offers superior versatility and durability. The DS3678-DP is the only scanner in its family to offer a cradle with IP65 sealing. And its industrial charging contacts withstand 250,000 insertions.

    The first-in-its-class battery "charge gauge" and Bluetooth status LED make it easy to monitor battery power as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The PowerPrecision+ battery delivers the ultimate in battery power and management. You get 50 percent more battery capacity compared to competitive models, plus visibility into a wealth of battery health-related data.

    The Motorola DS3678-DP - the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity and throughput, ensure traceability, reduce production cycle times and prevent unplanned production line downtime.

    The Motorola DS3678-DP, subject to the terms of Motorola"s hardware warranty statement, is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment.
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