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HHP ImageTeam 5600 Bar Code Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 5600

  • HHP ImageTeam 5600 Description

    The HHP ImageTeam 5600 is the most powerful linear imager ever produced. It excels at read range, reading poor quality bar codes, and is extremely durable. These features will make your data acquisition successful, and lower your total cost of ownership.

    Many of today's applications benefit from greater reading range. With so many of today's packages too large for easy lifting, operators reach and stretch to read bar codes that are out of range. The ImageTeam 5600's class-leading 24 inch (61cm) read range on 13 mil bar codes can greatly reduce these serious and costly application problems. Poor quality bar codes are caused by printing irregularities or damage. They exist in most every application and, because most scanners struggle to read these bar codes, or simply cannot read them, they end up being manually entered. Manual entry increases data collection costs and introduces costly errors that must be traced and corrected.

    Part of the ImageTeam 5600's breakthrough performance is due to a new software digitizer. This design approach has enabled Hand Held Products to apply 30 years of experience in reading bar codes to solving the problem of reading poor quality bar codes. As a result, the ImageTeam 5600's outstanding performance reading poor quality bar codes eliminates the costs associated with manual entry.

    Improve your operating efficiency by using the HHP ImageTeam 5600 imager to read bar codes that others pass by. The ImageTeam 5600 comes with a 5 year warranty.

    Shockabsorbing rubber contact surfaces and a Lexan housing ensure this device will survive 50, 6 foot (1.8 m) drops to concrete. Retail and commercial applications can be tough environments. The ImageTeam 5600 is up to the task because it is built to last.