ZM600-2001-3000T - Zebra ZM600

ZM600-2001-3000T - Zebra ZM600
    ZM600-2001-3000T - Zebra ZM600 Highlights
  • The Zebra ZM600 has been discontinued and replaced by the Zebra ZT420.
  • Industrial 6.6" Print Width bar code printer.
  • Print Method - Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal.
  • Print Resolution - 203 & 300 dots per inch(dpi) options.
  • Print Speed - up to 10 inches per second(ips).
  • Print Width - up to 6.6 in. wide.
  • Memory - 16MB DRAM & 8MB Flash.
  • Warranty - 12-month warranty with extended-warranty options.
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  • ZM600-2001-3000T
  • 203 dpi, Serial, Parallel & USB Interface with Peeler. Power Cord included.

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ZM600-2001-3000T Product Description

The Zebra ZM600 - Part# ZM600-2001-3000T printers bring added flexibility to the popular Z Series platform, which has always stood out from the competition in terms of both performance and price. With 10-inches-per-second print speed, industry-leading throughput, rugged reliability, and a wide selection of options, these full-sized metal printers enhance productivity in tough environments and demanding applications.

The new ZM600 - Part# ZM600-2001-3000T printers better connect with most warehouse, manufacturing and business applications. The ZM600 - Part# ZM600-2001-3000T is better connected to your networkóthrough:

  • USB 2.0.
  • 802.11b/g secure wireless.
  • ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server that allows simultaneous parallel and Ethernet connectivity
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    The Zebra ZM600 - Part# ZM600-2001-3000T offers many beneifts that its competitors do not:

  • Connects to your applicationsówith RFID Ready investment protection (upgrade kit for RFID enablement not yet available in North America)
  • Choice of print resolution including 600 dpi.
  • and XML-Enabled printing as a standard feature.
  • Easy setup via a large, easy-to-read front panel that includes Asian-language support.
  • Easy loading of supplies.
  • Easy maintenance with quick-changing printheads and platens.Zebra's best-in-class Zebra ZM600 - Part# ZM600-2001-3000T just got better!
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