TRF-80BR - Star TSP613

TRF-80BR - Star TSP613

    Part# TRF-80BR

    Thermal Paper (3.25 in. x 230 ft., 2 color receipt paper for the TSP613.)



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TRF-80BR Product Description

When the Mini was first launched on the 4th May 1959, it was met with critical acclaim and universal approval the world over. It brought functional and affordable design to the masses. And that's exactly Star's thinking behind the new Star TSP613 - Part# TRF-80BR printer.

The TSP613 - Part# TRF-80BR is the ultimate value in thermal receipt printing. This high speed, low cost direct thermal printer offers many of the features found in more expensive printers:
  • Full graphics and barcode printing support is standard
  • Two-color thermal printing support is also included.The TSP613 - Part# TRF-80BR printer also features recessed cable connections to keep dirt and debris away from the sensitive connection ports. These recessed connections also greatly reduce the risk of cables being tampered with or accidentally unplugged.

    Just like the Mini, it's compact and incredibly well-built to stand the rigours of a harsh retail or hospitality environment and it's easily integrated with the wide range of drivers available.

    With high-speed processing and an amazing print speed of 100mm/second. Combine this with a tear bar or auto cutter version, two-colour print capability, easy-load facility and an 80mm standard paper width and you've got a very versatile thermal receipt printer that really delivers the goods.

    So if you're looking for a fast, reliable receipt printer with a mini-sized price tag, look no further than the already legendary Star TSP613 - Part# TRF-80BR.
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