R42-00-08900007 - Datamax I-4208

R42-00-08900007 - Datamax I-4208

    Part# R42-00-08900007

    Printer (Direct Thermal Printing, Serial & Parallel Interface, Rewinder & Peeler. Power Supply included.)



R42-00-08900007 Product Description

Its all about value, performance and speed! From desktop to industrial settings, the I-4208 - Part# R42-00-08900007 offers excellent design characteristics, engineering superiority and unprecedented performance capabilities to meet your printing demands. Built to meet the toughest printing requirements, the I-4208 - Part# R42-00-08900007 incorporates many standard features normally found as options on competitive products.

The I-4208 - Part# R42-00-08900007 features a modular design that enables the operator to add or change an option at any time. The printer can easily be upgraded and reconfigured to meet future opportunities or growing applications. Engineered for quality, the foundation of the printer is a precision-crafted die-cast aluminum frame. This durable, yet lightweight, design increases the printers longevity and reliability. More ease-of-use features are standard throughout the I-4208 - Part# R42-00-08900007 than any other printer in its class including an easy-to-read front LCD display, color-coded operator cues, embossed media loading diagrams, wide access to the printhead, plus a unique collapsible ribbon hub that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

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R42-00-08900007 Specifications

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