PCM-1100-06 - Star TSP242

PCM-1100-06 - Star TSP242

    Part# PCM-1100-06

    Parallel Cable (6 feet, Parallel PC to Printer, DB25 Male-Centronics 36 Male.)

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PCM-1100-06 Product Description

The Star TSP242 - Part# PCM-1100-06 thermal printers are high speed, silent, receipt printers with high resolution packaged in a very compact housing.

Star's TSP242 - Part# PCM-1100-06 is an ideal printer for a variety of applications becuase of its high print speed during text and graphics printing. The TSP242 - Part# PCM-1100-06 printer utilizes popular 3.15" wide thermal paper. Maximum flexibility is offered in its dual interface and cash drawer driver to reduce system costs.

The Star TSP242 - Part# PCM-1100-06 offers a captive paper roll holder and a metal autocutter. A tear bar is available for applications when an auto-cutter cuts into your productivity.

PCM-1100-06 Specifications

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