MK6720-32B47 - Metrologic MS6720

MK6720-32B47 - Metrologic MS6720

    Part# MK6720-32B47

    Scanner (Keyboard Wedge Interface, Adjustable Stand with PS/2 Cable included.) - Color: Black.



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MK6720-32B47 Product Description

The Metrologic MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 Scanner is the industry's first handheldbar code scanner that incorporates a full 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern enabling users to present small items to the scanner or transport the lightweight scanner to bulkier items.

Including the MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 scanners unique design for moderate volume retail environments including convenience stores, pharmacies, gas stations, specialty stores, and liquor stores, additional performance enhancements include:
  • Decodes all standard 1D bar codes.
  • Combination hand-held and fixed projection scanner.
  • Stationary or adjustable stand available.The MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 scanner is available with either a stationary or adjustable stand. The stationary stand is ideal for applications where the MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 is being used mostly as a hand-held scanner. This stand was designed for ease of use while still providing sufficient room for fixed presentation scanning. The adjustable stand provides seven rotational and nine tilting positions as well as a removable wall mount cup.

    The MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 utilizes a unique, patented infraredsensor and control scheme to support standbymodes that reduce power consumption andextend the life of the product. The MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47 allows selection between short-range and long-range infrared activation for easy integration into a variety of applications and installation locations.

    With its versatile functionality, easy programming, and strong feature set, operators are sure to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the Metrologic MS6720 - Part# MK6720-32B47.
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