MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR - Motorola MC9190-G Lorax

MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR - Motorola MC9190-G Lorax

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  • MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR

  • Motorola MC9190-G Lorax Mobile Computer (1D Lorax-Long Range SE1524-ER Laser Scanner with 802.11 a/b/g & Bluetooth Communication, a 53-5250 Key Keypad, Color Display, Windows CE 6.0, 256MB RAM/1GB Flash and a Standard Battery. Communication/Charging Cradle, Connector Cable and Power Supply not included - please see below options.)

    Model: Motorola MC9190-G Lorax
    Manufacturer: Motorola
    Manufacturer Sub-Category: Motorola Mobile Computers
    Category: Mobile Computers

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MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR Product Description

When you need to scan bar codes and collect data in the harshest of environments, the Motorola MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR is ready for the job. Whether your workers are managing inventory in industrial warehouses, searching for materials in subzero temperatures out in the yard or repairing equipment on a military base in a hot sandy desert, the MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR helps get the job done right and fast.

You can count on dependable scanning of virtually any bar code - even if the label has been damaged. With the next generation of the highly successful MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR Series in hand, scanning is easier than ever, with point and shoot simplicity for bar codes that are inches or meters away, on the top shelves in the warehouse or deep inside a truck.

The new high resolution backlit display is easy to view in any lighting - from the dim corners of a warehouse to the bright sunlight out on the loading dock or tarmac.

With more processing power and memory, you can give your workers the same fast and dependable application performance they expect on their desktop. And since the MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR is compatible with all your existing MC9000 Series accessories, you can cost-effectively upgrade to the latest in mobile computing technologies - no need to purchase new cradles, cables, headsets or holsters.

The Motorola MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR offers the very latest in scanning technology, so no matter what type of bar codes you need to scan, whether they are near or far, or even damaged or dirty, you can count on the first time split second scanning that has made Motorola the clear leader in the bar code industry. Whether you are currently using 1D and 2D bar codes or want to migrate to 2D technology to accommodate GS1 bar codes for richer inventory management, our revolutionary 2D imager engines deliver laser-like performance and easy omnidirectional scanning for all bar codes.

Choose the Motorola MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR imager that best meets your business needs:

  • Our groundbreaking new long-range imager, the SE4600, can scan a bar code as close as 8 inches to as far as 30 feet away in any lighting condition - no special reflective label stock required.
  • Our general purpose 2D imager, the SE4500-SR, offers the best range and performance on medium and low density 1D and 2D bar codes.
  • The SE4500-DL is optimized for medium to high density bar codes as well as the bar codes found on driver's licenses and other identification documents, ideal for border crossings as well as the healthcare and electronics industry.
  • Our DPM option, the SE4500-HD, is tailored for very high density bar codes as well as virtually any direct part mark (DPM) - including dot peen, laser etch, ink mark, chemical etch, inkjet mold, cast and thermal spray - enabling automotive and aeronautics manufacturers to easily track and trace every part to improve safety and comply with government regulations.
  • If you only need to scan 1D bar codes, two options allow you to tailor your MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR for your scanning environment. The new SE960 is designed for near contact to mid-range scanning, while the SE1524 allows you to instantly capture 1D codes as far as 45 ft. away.
  • No matter which engine you choose, you get the first time every time scanning performance you need to keep your business moving and workers productive - all our engines can scan the scratched, dirty and poorly printed codes common in indoor and outdoor warehouse and distribution environments.
  • Motorola took the best and made it better. The MC9090-G is known for its superior ruggedness - but the MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR takes rugged design to a new level. Just like its predecessor, the MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR passes the same industry-leading toughness tests, operating reliably after exposure to heat, cold, dust, rain, a spilled cup of coffee and 2,000 consecutive tumbles in our rotating tumble drum.

    Then Motorola strengthened two of the most vulnerable elements - the touchscreen and the scanner exit window. The hardened touchscreen is now more resistant to wear and tear. And since bar code scanning is one of the most important features, we've fortified the scanner exit window with environmentally friendly ultra strong Gorilla glass. Practically impervious to damage, the glass can flex with most everyday bumps and drops without shattering or scratching and the deep chemical strengthening makes most scratches virtually invisible.

    Wireless solutions create an instant concern for businesses and government agencies - data security. In addition to standard support for all the latest wireless authentication and encryption protocols and Motorola's tested and certified Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), the MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR adds native FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification, bringing government grade security to businesses and government agencies alike. Unlike many other mobile devices, our security features do not impact performance, protecting your data and your productivity.

    Keeping track of your Motorola MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR can be a full time job. But for businesses that have deployed RFID technology, an integrated RFID tag makes keeping track of your MC9190-G Lorax - Part# MC9190-GJ0SWJYA6WR mobile computers literally effortless. Touchless asset management becomes a reality. The movement and location of all your devices are instantly visible from the moment they arrive at your facility - no more lost or misplaced devices.

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