MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR - Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA

MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR - Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA

    Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR

    Handheld Computer (1D & 2D with Camera Decode Capability - SE4500 Imager including Sprint-CDMA WAN Communication, 802.11 a/b/g WLAN Communication, DSD Keypad, 256MB RAM/1GB Flash with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 & Extended Battery - 1.5X. Communication/Charging Cradle, Connector Cable and Power Supply not included - please see below options.)



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MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR Product Description

The Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR takes its place as one of the world's premier EDAs, offering more enterprise-class features and functionality than any other device in its class. Turbocharged with many Motorola Mobility Architecture eXtension (MAX) features, the MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR addresses the top business mobility needs, offering maximum processing power, rugged design, flexibility in extending solution reach, data capture capabilities, connectivity options, security and manageability.

The MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR offers the most robust processing platform in the EDA class today, from operating system to memory architecture, including Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5; the fastest processor, the PXA320 @ 806 MHz; and 256 MB RAM/1GB Flash with a user accessible microSD slot to accommodate up to 32GB of additional storage. As a result, the MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR delivers consistent desktop-like performance, regardless of whether your applications incorporate high resolution video, documents and images or you need thick client applications.

With the Motorola MAX Rugged, you can count on reliable operation inside and outside the enterprise - the MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR meets or exceeds MIL-STD 810G requirements for stress (drop) testing as well as IEC specifications for tumble and sealing. The MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR is built to survive drops to concrete from as high as 5 ft./1.52 m. Motorola's tumble drum test proves that the device can endure 1,000 consecutive 1.6 ft./.5 m tumbles (2,000 hits) - and still deliver dependable performance. And the IP54 sealing rating enables use in dusty environments and exposure to rain or spills. The result is a dramatic reduction in repair requirements and downtime, providing a strong return on asset (ROA).

The Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR offers a level of flexibility that puts it in a class of its own, with a feature set that includes many Motorola-unique capabilities. The only EDA to offer five keypads. Numeric, QWERTY, DSD, AZERTY and QWERTZ keypads enable maximum data entry simplicity for virtually any application anywhere in the world.

Enterprises can standardize on a single device for many different workgroups with different application needs, simplifying the mobility architecture as well as reducing training and support costs.

Motorola Integrated Voice Solutions: unparalleled integrated voice interoperability. Inside the four walls, different workgroups often require different types of devices that run on different networks - from mobile computers and VoWLAN devices to two-way radios. The result is 'islands of voice' - the inability for cross-communications between device families. The MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR eliminates this issue. The integrated TEAM Express voice client enables push-to-talk instant communications with other TEAM Express-enabled Motorola mobile computers, TEAM smartphones and two-way radios (Radio Link Server required). With powerful and highly cost-effective one-to-one and one-to-many voice communications between all workers inside the four walls, the enterprise enjoys lightning fast response times, improved productivity and decision-making - as well as increased customer service, satisfaction and retention.

Motorola MAX Locate for more robust location-based applications. Integrated aGPS/GPS technology opens up a world of possible location-based applications - including real-time navigation, better fleet management, the ability to geostamp a photo for proof of condition or capture coordinates for proof of delivery in transportation and logistics or proof of service for inspections and maintenance. The best-in-class implementation includes the SiRFstarIII GSC3f/LP GPS chipset for robust coverage even in challenging urban canyons and areas of dense foliage, providing more users with location-based services in more areas. And the low-power chipset delivers top-notch accuracy with minimal power requirements, conserving battery power.

MAX Sensor enables business-class implementation of one of the most popular consumer style cellular phone technologies in the MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR - the accelerometer. In addition to the typical ability to automatically switch between portrait and landscape display based on the orientation of the device, many additional features can be enabled in seconds, right out of the box.
  • Power management features help ensure full shift battery power. For example, the device can automatically revert to sleep mode if movement is not detected in a specified period of time, or if the display is face down.
  • The ability to detect and log drops helps increase worker accountability for device condition.
  • And the open architecture allows enterprises to integrate the accelerometer data into customized applications that can help improve the safety of field service technicians working in remote areas and prevent device theft.

    The ability to capture virtually any type of data and perform almost any business function ensures that the Motorola MC75A Spint-CDMA - Part# MC75A8-P4ESWDRA9WR can meet your application needs today and well into the future. As the inventor of bar code scanning, Motorola offers unparalleled 1D and 2D scanning technology. The SE950 scan engine provides best-in-class 1D bar code scanning performance, while the SE4500, Motorola's revolutionary imager engine, delivers equally stunning performance on 1D and 2D bar codes. And both engines offer omni-directional scanning, eliminating the need to align bar code and scanner, and providing the intelligence to capture even damaged and poor quality bar codes.

    The integrated 3.2 megapixel autofocus color flash-enabled camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photographs, video footage and documents - complete with legible fine print.
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