M3E-0U100010-00 - Zebra MZ Series

M3E-0U100010-00 - Zebra MZ Series

    Part# M3E-0U100010-00

    USB 2.0 & IrDA Interfaces. Printer with a 3 Inch Print Width including Battery, Belt Clip, Charger with US Cord & Receipt Roll.



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M3E-0U100010-00 Product Description

Meet the Zebra MZ Series - Part# M3E-0U100010-00 portable printers. These easy-to-operate mobile receipt printers are a great first step for users looking to replace pen and paper documentation, pre-printed receipts, or unreliable mobile printers.

The MZ Series - Part# M3E-0U100010-00 receipt printers is a powerful printer powerful Zebra printing in the palm of your hand. Entry-level mobile receipt printers for simply printing documentation on the go!.

Benefits of the MZ Series - Part# M3E-0U100010-00 include:

  • At 3/4 of a pound or less, these lightweight printers can be worn a full shift, without any burden or bother.
  • Comfortably wear the printer via belt clip or shoulder strap for unobtrusive and convenient printing Simple to Operate.
  • Single push-button media access for simple re-loading.
  • Intuitive LEDs indicate on/off, error and connectivity status Economical Alternative.
  • A simple, reliable and affordable printer alternative.
  • Base model includes AC adapter and IrDA Palm-Sized Printing Power.
  • High-speed processor and extensive memory for printing complex bar codes and fonts.
  • Secure 802.11g wireless, USB or Bluetooth connectivity.Mobile workforces all over the world can benefit from the MZ Series - Part# M3E-0U100010-00 compact convenience in business applications such as:

  • Field Repair/Installation.
  • Deliveries.
  • Restaurant Tableside Payments.
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale.
  • Parking Citations.
  • Onboard Transportation Ticketing.
  • Utility Billing/Meter Reading.These unobtrusive printers can be worn comfortably for a full shift, without interfering with the users tasks. And because its a Zebra, theres no compromise in reliability when you choose an Zebra MZ Series - Part# M3E-0U100010-00.
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