LS7808-BNNM0100ZR - Motorola LS7808

LS7808-BNNM0100ZR - Motorola LS7808

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LS7808-BNNM0100ZR Product Description

The advanced Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR horizontal slot scanner from Motorola delivers exceptionally high first-pass read rates for faster checkout times - and better customer service. The Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR represents the latest development in our three-decade leadership in designing bar code scanners and our pioneering work in horizontal slot scanner technologies. The omni-directional scan pattern reads the bar code regardless of orientation, eliminating the need to precisely align products to the scanner. Advanced software algorithms reconstruct poorly printed and damaged codes, further increasing performance and speeding customers through the point of sale. Since the Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR easily fits into preexisting counter cut-outs for the Symbol LS5800, upgrading is easy and cost-effective. And the hands-free design and large scan window enable your cashiers to stay focused on your customers, instead of the products they are scanning - enabling high levels of personalized service.

Optimized for demanding, high-turnover retail environments, the Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR is easy to install and easy to use. Even inexperienced cashiers can begin scanning quickly due to the flush mounted, in-counter design and large omni-directional scanning window. Intuitive scanning requires little training; just move the products past the window and go. Large, bulky items in the cart can be scanned quickly and safely using an optional secondary handheld scanner, minimizing the need for customers or cashiers to lift heavy items onto the counter. And integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality further increases cashier productivity, enabling cashiers to scan once to simultaneously capture the bar code and deactivate the EAS tag.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR:

  • Improved software algorithms: Reconstructs poorly printed or damaged bar codes for superior first-pass read rates.
  • Omni-directional scan pattern enables cashiers to quickly scan bar codes regardless of orientation to the scanner.
  • Secondary scanner port for handheld scanner.
  • Designed as a replacement for Motorola LS5800.
  • Standard Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) deactivation: Bundles checkout and EAS functions so the cashier can scan once to capture bar codes and deactivate EAS tags simultaneously.We've laid the groundwork for the future with broad support for 1D bar code symbologies and host systems, providing the investment protection you need to ensure that the Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR can be used in your environment today - as well as tomorrow. Onboard support for multiple interfaces, a standard feature, allows you to use your scanner with many different types of POS hosts for seamless integration now, as well as painless migration to new systems in the future. Comprehensive support for 1D bar codes - including Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), ideal for perishable items such as produce and meat as well as store coupons - ensures the ability to scan virtually any product now, and in the future. And to help protect your investment, Motorola Global Services offers Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage for the Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR. This unique service goes far beyond normal wear and tear to include accidental damage to exit windows, scan elements and more at no additional charge - virtually eliminating unforeseen repair expenses. On-site options are also available, providing maximum response and minimum service interruption.

    The Motorola LS7808 - Part# LS7808-BNNM0100ZR also comes with a Three-Year manufacturer warranty.
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