LS3408-ER20005 - Motorola LS 3408ER

LS3408-ER20005 - Motorola LS 3408ER

    Part# LS3408-ER20005

    Scanner Only - Multi Interface, Extended Range. Connector cable and Power Supply for RS232 connection not included - please see options. Color: Yellow.

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LS3408-ER20005 Product Description

The rugged Motorola LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 handheld scanner from Motorola Technologies, the Enterprise Mobility Company, delivers superior performance and versatility for your scan-intensive industrial applications.

In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, the LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 handheld scanner offers best-in-class performance, excellent reliability and user-friendly ergonomics to create a more productive mobile environment.

The LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 reads bar codes from as far away as 45 feet and as close as 5 inches to give you the kind of versatility that is necessary for today's industrial applications. The rugged housing, sealed to IP65 standards, withstands repeated drops of up to 6.5 feet drops to concrete, ensuring limited downtime. In fact, the LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 maintained its reliability when subjected to multiple drops in a specialized tumble test conducted in the widely recognized Motorola Industrial Design Labs.

For applications requiring quick access and convenient storage, the Motorla LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 features a built-in metal hook for attachment to a pulley. Two large LED-enhancing windows and an extra loud 80 decibel (db) beeper are strategically placed on the scanner for clear and audible feedback to users.

The standard range Motorola LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005 from Motorola Technologies, was designed specifically for industrial applications. When you choose the LS 3408ER - Part# LS3408-ER20005, you receive the added assurance of purchasing from Motorola - a company with proven advanced data capture capabilities and millions of scanner installations worldwide.

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