LS1900T-I000 - Symbol LS 1900

LS1900T-I000 - Symbol LS 1900

    Part# LS1900T-I000

    Cobra Series Scanner (Undecoded with trigger. Cable not included.)



    - All Products Are Brand New & Factory Sealed -

LS1900T-I000 Product Description

The LS 1900 - Part# LS1900T-I000 Series offers a complete scanning and connectivity feature set making it the scanner of choice for a wide range of bar code data applications in grocery and specialty stores, video rental establishments, music stores and more.

Beyond the checkout counter, the versatile Cobra LS 1900 - Part# LS1900T-I000 Scanner is also a reliable solution for applications such as document tracking, tool crib management, time and attendance tasks, light industrial applications, and even lottery ticket scanning.

LS1900T-I000 Specifications

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