KP3800T2PBE - Unitech KP3800

KP3800T2PBE - Unitech KP3800

    Part# KP3800T2PBE

    Keyboard (PS/2 Compatible Interface, 1 & 2 Track MSR.) - Color: Black.

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KP3800T2PBE Product Description

The Unitech KP3800 - Part# KP3800T2PBE is a part of a family of Unitech multifunction keyboards with 100 keys enhanced layout. The Unitech KP3800 - Part# KP3800T2PBE features re-legendable keys, integrated mouse pad, integrated Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (or Bar Code Slot Reader), and built-in Bar Code scanning input port. The keyboards also feature a minimal footprint and protection against damage from liquid spillage.

Of the Unitech KP3800 - Part# KP3800T2PBE's 100 keys, 88 are programmable and 84 are relegendable. With Unitech's Keyboard Configuration Manager software, each of the 88 programmable keys can be easily configured to be modifiable by virtually all the other keyboard keys (not only Shift S, but also Ctrl S or even LS, for instance) so that each key can represent 97 unique inputs. Relegending the Unitech KP3800 - Part# KP3800T2PBE's keys is as easy as popping off the clear key cap and inserting a new key label.

KP3800T2PBE Specifications

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