K23-00-18400001 - Datamax M-4306

K23-00-18400001 - Datamax M-4306

    Part# K23-00-18400001

    Printer (Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Printing, Serial, Parallel & USB Interface, Rewinder. Power Supply included.)



K23-00-18400001 Product Description

The M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 is the printer of choice for desktop and light industrial applications limited to small work space. When your printing application requires a flexible solution and your budget requires a low total cost of ownership, the M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 is your hero.

The beauty of the M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 lies in its design, combining sophisticated engineering characteristics, rugged materials, and modularity. The capabilities of the M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 are diverse, from your office desk, to a busy hospital pharmacy, or a manufacturing environment. The M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 printer accommodates many variables in your printing application or labeling requirement, lending itself to be the best value in a mid-range printer in todays marketplace.

The M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 is easily accessible for quick ribbon and media changes. The M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 offers numerous field installable options, for fast enhancements to your already diverse printer. The printers modular construction stems from the die-cast aluminum chassis, a rugged component allowing multiple configurations in a user-friendly manner with a patent pending options installation design. The durable Datamax M-4306 - Part# K23-00-18400001 is a lightweight printer designed to address existing and emerging markets of thermal printing.

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K23-00-18400001 Specifications

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