J13-00-1J000U00 - Datamax E-4304

J13-00-1J000U00 - Datamax E-4304

    Part# J13-00-1J000U00

    Printer (Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Printing, Serial, Parallel & USB Interface. Power Supply included.)



J13-00-1J000U00 Product Description

The Datamax E-Class Family of entry-level printers continues to exceed market expectations with the newest E-Class, the DMX-E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 printer. The E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 was designed specifically for users who have higher resolution specialty printing requirements but are limited by budget or do not need an industrial printer.

The E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 offers the ability to produce 300 dpi crisp images quickly providing users with a valuable tool to print high-quality labels and bar codes at a fraction of the investment normally required for these capabilities. Available in either direct thermal or thermal transfer mode, the E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 is a versatile product designed for performance. The E-Class printers continue to feature a small footprint, sleek enclosure and enhanced printing capabilities to provide exceptional entry-level printers.

The E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00, along with the rest of the E-Class product line, was designed for sub-industrial environments, such as an office, laboratory, or pharmacy setting. The DMX-E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 is a small, compact, thermal printer designed for a variety of on-demand printing applications requiring more definition than 203 dpi. The Datamax E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 can print a variety of labels ranging from small office shipping labels to postal and transportation labels. Moreover, with 300 dpi, the E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 can also print complex 2D barcode symbologies including PDF417, Datamatrix, MaxiCode, and QRCode.

Developed in response to customer requirements, the Datamax DMX-E-4304 - Part# J13-00-1J000U00 includes all the features needed to make it a perfect choice for your high resolution, low to medium volume, desktop labeling needs. Please follow the links in the navigation box above for a more comprehensive description of E-Class Features and Options.

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J13-00-1J000U00 Specifications

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