G00251000 - SATO LM412e

G00251000 - SATO LM412e

    Part# G00251000

    Printhead (305 dpi Printhead)



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G00251000 Product Description

With its entry level pricing, the SATO LM412e - Part# G00251000 line of products fit nicely into the budget of every Startup Company, or small business. Affordably priced, and yet offering superior performance usually reserved for print solutions costing much more, the LM412e - Part# G00251000 printers are a true value for your cost sensitive applications.

Additional advantages and benefits of the SATO LM412e - Part# G00251000:

  • Outstanding Value.
  • All Metal Chassis.
  • 4.1 inch Print Width.
  • Linear & 2-D Symbologies.
  • 8.6 inch OD Label Roll Capacity.
  • 6 ips Print Speed.
  • 203 or 305 dpi Models.
  • Quick, Load & Go Consumable Design.Printing labels has never been easier or quicker with the LM412e - Part# G00251000 Series thanks to the high speed throughput power of these enhanced printers. The SATO LM412e - Part# G00251000 4" wide printers not only come with a choice of 203dpi or 305dpi printheads. In addition, you also have a choice of interface board: LAN and Wireless LAN, USB, IEEE1284 or the high speed RS-232C.
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