E258654 - ELO 1928L

E258654 - ELO 1928L

    Part# E258654

    USB & Serial Interface with IntelliTouch Touch Technology, 5000 Series 19" Touch Screen including Antiglare Surface Treatment, ROHS Compliant & Power Supply. Color: Beige.



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E258654 Product Description

The Elo 1928L - Part# E258654 19 inch LCD Medical Desktop touchmonitor delivers cost-effective solutions for critical care and patient-centric professionals in the medical and healthcare markets.

This compact touchmonitor is designed for touch from the ground up, with Elo's proven expertise and reliability built in, and not added later by altering an existing monitor.

The 1928L - Part# E258654 Medical Desktop touchmonitor is available with the robust optical performance of Elo's APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition), IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, AccuTouch five-wire resistive touch technologies, and non-touch. The innovative IPX1 enclosure design ensures that the entire touchmonitor sheds water and is safe from liquid drops and spills, which means the 1928L - Part# E258654 can be safely placed in patient care areas, such as the operating room, where contamination may occur and can be activated with a finger, gloved hand or soft stylus, a critical capability for medical applications.

Benefits of the ELO 1928L - Part# E258654
  • Developed to meet the needs of patient-centric and critical care professionals.
  • High quality optical performance.
  • IPX1 enclosure design ensure touchmonitor sheds water and is safe from liquid drops.
  • Touchscreen can be activated with gloved hand or stylus.
  • Elo quality at a competitive price point.
  • “Designed for touch” from the ground up: stable tilt base; controls on side rather than front; lockout function for public use.
  • Designed, built, serviced, and supported by Elo.
  • Space-saving, economical, flexible, and reliable.
  • Available with Elo's IntelliTouch, APR or AccuTouch touch technologies; non-touch models also available.
  • Functions as desktop or wall-mountable; VESA mount option.
  • Serial and USB connectivity (APR is USB only).
  • Simplified worldwide agency approvals.
  • Three-year standard warranty.
  • Innovative 5-second power down delay function, prevents inadvertent power shut down.ELO 1928L - Part# E258654 Applications
  • Critical care.
  • Nurse station.
  • Patient monitoring.
  • Digital radiography.
  • Paperless charting.
  • Computer-aided therapy.
  • Electronic medical records.
  • Patient self check-in and registration.
  • Dental imaging.
  • Light industrial shop floor automation.
  • Point-of-information.
  • Point-of-service.
  • Loyalty systems.Simplified worldwide approvals cover the entire monitor that is designed, built, serviced, and supported by Elo, a true single source supplier. As a result the 1928L - Part# E258654 is an excellent fit for any application benefiting from DVI-D input, speakers and best in class image performance.
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