E123233 - ELO 2200L

E123233 - ELO 2200L

    Part# E123233

    USB & Serial Interface with IntelliTouch Touch Technology, 22" Standard Bezel Touch Screen including Antiglare Surface Treatment, ROHS Compliant & Power Supply. Color: Beige.



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E123233 Product Description

The ELO 2200L - Part# E123233 is one of the first wide-aspect ratio touch monitors with a virtually 100-percent useable surface area. The unique zero-bezel design removes the frame, or bezel, of standard monitors to create a seamless glass surface that showcases the wide-screen, high-definition experience today's consumers have come to expect.

This smooth, seamless 2200L - Part# E123233 touchmonitor surface is possible with state-of-the-art Elo TouchSystems Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) touch technology.

The 2200L - Part# E123233 is intended for use in high-traffic retail, hospitality and other public environments, and offers both aesthetic elegance and world-class durability. Because APR technology works by recognizing the sound created when the monitor's surface is touched, users can interact with the 2200L - Part# E123233 touchscreen with virtually any kind of stylus, from a fingertip to the edge of a credit card. The monitor also provides zero-drift performance and since it is calibrated at the factory, it never needs user recalibration, thus ensuring a long, low-maintenance functional life.

Additional ELO 2200L - Part# E123233 Features
  • Sleek, integrated design offers a stylish look for public venues.
  • Wide-screen format provides more application space.
  • Pure-glass construction provides enhanced optical performance, uninterrupted surface area, and easy-to clean seamless surface.
  • Designed for touch features include a stable tilt base.
  • Dual independent hinges and an adjustable height stand provide flexibility to meet a variety of height requirements; can also be installed in portrait mode.
  • Space-saving built-in 2W speakers.
  • User-lockable on-screen display & designed for public access.
  • VESA compliance makes wall or arm-mounting possible.
  • AC and DC power for maximum input flexibility.
  • VGA and DVI video input (Standard European models without DVI).
  • Screen is resistant to water, dust, grease.
  • One-time factory calibration for easy deployment and integration.The seamless glass surface of the Elo 2200L - Part# E123233 provides high quality optics and is complimented by durability with superb dragging properties. The easy-to-clean screen is resistant to water, dust and grease, making it preferred for use in public-access environments.
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