CR1421-C500-F1 - Code Reader 1400

CR1421-C500-F1 - Code Reader 1400

    Part# CR1421-C500-F1

    Scanner (USB - Ready-to-Go Kit. CR1400 Imager with 6 ft. Straight USB Cable included. Host powered.) - Color: Dark Gray.



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CR1421-C500-F1 Product Description

The Code Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 (CR1400) is a compact, rugged bar code reader that features a high performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes reading 1D and 2D bar codes extremely fast, reliable, and more affordable than ever.

The Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1's dual-field optical platform, allows users to read both wide and very small bar codes with the same device. In addition, the Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 features Code's glare reduction technology for reading bar codes printed on shiny surfaces.

  • In retail applications, bar codes printed on items such as bottles, pre-packaged food products, and shiny cans can be easily ready.
  • Coupons on mobile phones can be read in a snap, without slowing down the checkout process.
  • In healthcare applications, the Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 can scan all standard bar codes throughout your facility including difficult to read codes found on items such as syringes, IV bags, and items with extra plastic wrapping.The Code Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 can be used in either hands-free or handheld mode and can be combined with various peripherals for truly unique solutions. For data editing and parsing, end users can take advantage of Code's JavaScript rules to create custom routines and applications that are easily embedded into the reader.

    The innovative design of the Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 makes it one of the smallest, most durable bar code readers on the market today. Whether it is being used in a healthcare, retail, or other high-use environments, the Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1's disinfectant ready plastic housing, and IP54 rating ensures that the performance and life of the reader is never compromised by harsh cleaning agents, dust and water ingress, or even multiple drops.

    Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Code Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1:

  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D, Postal bar codes and OCR.
  • Dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit.
  • Glare reduction technology for reading codes on shiny surfaces.
  • Manual or automatic triggering.
  • 3 programmable indicators: vibration mode, LED and tone.
  • Comes with Universal Stand.
  • Reads bar code reliably off cell phone screens.
  • Compatible with Code's Cortex software configuration utility.
  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript.
  • Uses Code's rapid disconnect Affinity cables.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Available in dark and light gray.
  • Disinfectant ready, IP54 housing.Applications for the Code Reader 1400 - Part# CR1421-C500-F1 include: Healthcare, Mobile coupon or ticketing (event, airline, cinema, etc), Pharmacy, Patrol Vehicles, Retail, and Manufacturing.
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