CBA-K01-S07PA - Symbol DS3407

CBA-K01-S07PA - Symbol DS3407

    Part# CBA-K01-S07PA

    PS/2 Cable (Straight 7ft. PS/2 Cable for the DS3407.)



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CBA-K01-S07PA Product Description

The Symbol DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA Series of rugged digital scanners uses digital imaging technology to accurately read a wide variety of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes and direct part marks (DPM) while offering the high performance typically found only in laser scanners.

For capturing images and bar codes, the DS3408-SF is ideal. If you also need to capture high density 2D matrix codes, choose the DS3408-HD. The DS3407-SF not only reads bar codes, it also captures and transfers images.

For direct part marks, select the DS3407-DP. high performance that speeds productivity.

With the Symbol DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA Series, you benefit from a scanning solution designed specifically for fast-paced production environments. The Motorla DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA Series comes equipped with chargecoupled device (CCD) image sensors, which allow them to more accurately capture and process bar codes at a faster pace than other digital scanners. In addition, the scanners’ omni-directional scanning functionality lets operators quickly capture bar codes from any angle, eliminating the need to line up bar codes with laser lines.

The DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA has the widest working range of any scanner in its class. Its two-position smart focus technology, unique to Motorola, allows you to read bar codes regardless of the size or density of the code with the This means that this single device can work well for all your scanning needs.

As innovative as it is rugged, the Motorola DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA delivers the ergonomic and operational features for scan-intensive industrial applications under the harshest operating conditions. During industry tumble tests, it continued to provide reliable performance even when subjected to multiple drops of 6.5 feet (2 meters) to concrete. An IP65-rated seal makes it impervious to dust and water, and its exit window is scratch-resistant and recessed for the highest level of durability. As a result, you avoid unnecessary equipment downtime or expensive equipment replacement costs.

An investment for now and the future In addition to the productivity-enhancing features you need to keep business moving, the DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA provides you with investment protection. Onboard support for multiple interfaces, a standard feature, allows you to use your scanner with many different types of systems for seamless integration now, as well as painless migration to new ones in the future.

The Symbol DS3407 - Part# CBA-K01-S07PA scanners come with a full three-year warranty.

CBA-K01-S07PA Specifications

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