C325011 - Epson TM-J2100

C325011 - Epson TM-J2100

    Part# C325011

    Parallel Interface, Red & Black Ink. Power Supply included. Color: White.

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C325011 Product Description

With an eye on space-saving design, easy operation and lower cost, the Epson TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 receipt printer features a two-color printout. Two-color capability enables output of two-color logos as well as highlight printing.

Being OLE-POS compatible, TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 boasts high speed and low noise. With this new lineup, EPSON goes even further to satisfy customers's retail market application needs.

With the TM-J2100 - Part# C325011, you can print eye-catching two-color logos and raised company emblems. These are ideal features when advertising or promoting store events such as sales. Two-color printing also helps you avoid forged receipts.

Although compact with a small, space-saving footprint, the TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 printers are ready to deliver outstanding performance. You get high-speed, high-quality output in one or two colors plus extremely quiet operation.

For extra flexibility you can change paper width. And an autocutter is standard with partial or full cut selectable. Another handy feature of the TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 is that everything from roll paper loading, ink cartridge changing and receipt output is performed at the front of the unit, enabling it to be embedded in a counter.

With its long-life cartridges, the TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 gives you the peace of mind that comes with lower operating costs. With 2-color cartridges capable of printing an amazing 15 million characters, you will soon notice the difference in the cost of consumables.

The Epson TM-J2100 - Part# C325011 feature a full-frontal drop-in paper loading system that makes it easy to replace paper cartridges.

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