C31C283A8920 - Epson TM-U675

C31C283A8920 - Epson TM-U675

    Part# C31C283A8920

    Parallel Interface. Power Supply & Cable not included - see options below.) - Color: Dark Gray.

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C31C283A8920 Product Description

The Epson TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 is an easy-to-use POS printer that sports superior slip handling and printing speeds that satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. If counter space is at a premium but you're not willing to sacrifice performance and flexibility, the feature packed TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 will satisfy your requirements for years to come.

The accurate MICR reader bundled with fast check handling and printing speed is a perfect match for the retail and banking environment. Multifunction Boasting some of the fastest printing speeds in its class, coupled with the versatile paper handling, the TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 printer will help you complete customer transactions in less time.

The TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 comes packed with features to streamline operation and reduce training time. To improve the handling of documents such as coupons, gift certificates and void slips, the TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 supports 90 degree print rotation and includes a mechanical forms stopper for extra document stability.

A wider throat design enables quick and smooth drop-in validation. And paper handling and drop-in loading make using the TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 a pleasure. Add to this an ASB (Automatic Status Back) function to keep operators constantly informed of printer status and built-in maintenance counters for implementing scheduled routine maintenance.

Designed to withstand the rigors of high transaction environments, the TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 printer is built with the highest quality engineering and most rugged design of any printer in its class. And, only EPSON can protect your hardware investment for years to come. By utilizing our unique Connect-It? interface modules, customers can be assured that their printers won't be obsolete the moment their POS systems are replaced.

The Epson TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 high-quality multifunction printer includes more optimized features than any printer in its class. The TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 prints slips, receipts, and validates in a single compact unit, bringing top productivity in a minimum of counter space. And, with the lowest acoustic noise of any comparable printer, the TM-U675 - Part# C31C283A8920 offers quiet, efficient operation providing quicker transactions and increased customer satisfaction.

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