ACCAA-308 - Trimble Yuma

ACCAA-308 - Trimble Yuma

    Part# ACCAA-308

    GPS Antenna (Yuma GPS Antenna For use with the Trimble Yuma Docking Station.)



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ACCAA-308 Product Description

Trimble, the world leader in outdoor rugged computing, brings you the new Trimble Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet computer. With a Windows 7 Professional operating system, it might be time to trade in your PC.

Crunch data in the field, conduct inspections, collect information, capture photos and communicate with headquarters, all with the assurance that your hard work is protected against water, dust, humidity, heat, cold, vibration and drop.

The Trimble Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet was designed to be fully functional in any environment - no matter how extreme. The Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet features an ingress protection rating of 67 (IP67), meaning it#39;s sealed against dust and has been water immersion tested for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Shock, vibration and extreme temperature fluctuation present a second level of challenge to outdoor computing.

The Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 tablet has a rugged design that incorporates a solid state drive, eliminating internal moving parts and providing protection against stress from impact and vibration. In addition, MIL-STD-810F specifications ensure that your Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet computer survives bitter cold, blistering desert heat and everything in between - even accidentally launching your Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet off the tailgate of your truck.

Additional Strengths and Benefits of the Trimble Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308:

  • Features an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, two digital cameras, as well as SDIO and ExpressCard slots.
  • Software development tools available for Windows 7.
  • Transfer data in real-time.
  • Run reports.
  • Receive dispatch orders on the road.
  • Take geo-tagged photographs.
  • Initiate VoIP communications.
  • Add secure memory for sensitive files.
  • Send email.
  • Write a report.
  • Find your way out of the forest.Whether you develop applications or spend your day in the field, the Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 rugged tablet will work for you. It works all day on one charge.

    The Windows 7 platform is the current standard in business operating systems. Worldwide, most developer kits run on Windows 7. The Trimble Technical Support team has the expertise to answer questions on specialized software applications, using the Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 tablet's integrated features or to provide electrical information for creating a specialized accessory that connects to the Yuma - Part# ACCAA-308 tablet.
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