A776-120D-T000 - CognitiveTPG A766

A776-120D-T000 - CognitiveTPG A766

    Part# A776-120D-T000

    Printer (RS232 9-Pin Serial and USB Interfaces, SLIP, Knife and Power Supply) - Color: Beige



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A776-120D-T000 Product Description

The CognitiveTPG A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000 printer is an ultra-reliable, multifunctional impact/thermal printer ideal for any retail environment that needs to print receipts and validate checks or print on mulit-ply forms such as coupons, returns, credits and service tickets.

The A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000 fits this market by offering fast printing, quiet operations, and a small footprint. We also offer highly reliable check scanning and MICR accurancy plus electronic endorsement, built-in franker, check validation and industry leading two year warranty.

The CognitiveTPG A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000 printer was designed for maximum flexibility, performance, reliability, and lowest cost. It opens a new world of possibilities with its lightning fast (200 mm/s) thermal receipt station. The A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000 printer is capable of printing watermarks, logos, coupons and other attention grabbing features on monochrome or two-color thermal paper.

Additional Strengths and Benefits of the CognitiveTPG A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000:

  • Low cost with smallest hybrid footprint.
  • FAST monochrome or ColorPOS two-color thermal receipt.
  • Drop validation impact print station with superior paper handling.
  • Built-in MICR reader.
  • Multiple communication interfaces.
  • Quality guaranteed with a 2-year warranty.
  • Check validation and form printing.
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces (Serial, USB, and Ethernet).From the company that brought you the first thermal/impact hybrid transaction printer with integrated MICR, and clam shell drop-in paper loading design. CognitiveTPG offers the retail market its hybrid printer model CognitiveTPG A766 - Part# A776-120D-T000 with two-color/monochrome printing, graphic capability, and a small footprint (under 73 sq. in) that fits almost anywhere.
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