A760-4205-0048 - CognitiveTPG A760

A760-4205-0048 - CognitiveTPG A760

    Part# A760-4205-0048

    2-Color Thermal-Impact Receipt Hybrid Printer (9-Pin RS232 and USB Interfaces, Power Supply and Power Cord) - Color: Black

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A760-4205-0048 Product Description

The CognitiveTPG A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 brings a world of new profit generating possibilities to receipt printing. The A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 is designed for years of reliable operation in demanding high transaction volume environments.

The CognitiveTPG A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 is a fast two-color hybrid printer, that offers integrated MICR reading and check franking. The A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 flat slip table presents an accurate and user friendly platform to print on checks, slips, and multi-part forms.

Additional Strengths and Benefits of the CognitiveTPG A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048:

  • Fast and Reliable: We know how valuable customer transaction time is, so CognitiveTPG designed its ColorPOS printers to reduce printing time at the point of sale. With a print speed of 180 mm/sec for monochrome and 100 mm/sec for two-color printing, CognitiveTPG's ColorPOS printers will always keep checkout lines moving.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: With highly integrated electronics and low energy consumption, CognitiveTPG's ColorPOS printers print two colors at a high rate of speed. This breakthrough technology preserves the life of the printhead by using a standard 55 watt power supply for both monochrome and two-color printing. By combining efficient technology and maintenance free operation, the A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.
  • Maintenance Free: Features such as CognitiveTPG's exclusive self-sharpening ceramic knife allow long-lasting service with no scheduled maintenance.
  • ColorPOS Technology: Continuing its tradition of innovation, CognitiveTPG is proud to offer the ColorPOS equipped two-color hybrid printers. ColorPOS printing technology is low energy two-color printing with unique application features for ease of use and integration.
  • Increase Profitability: ColorPOS equipped A760 - Part# A760-4205-0048 printers reduce transaction times, improve loyalty programs, reduce the occurrence of receipt frauds, and increase accuracy for exceptions and returns. CognitiveTPG's ColorPOS equipped printers work wonders to improve your brand image and increase customer understanding of, and participation in, your marketing programs.
  • Two-Color Thermal Paper: CognitiveTPG has partnered with a major paper manufacturer to develop a cost competitive two-color thermal paper. This two-color thermal paper activates at lower energy levels than other available papers. All this gives you low cost paper, higher print speeds and a longer print head life.
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces: Serial, USB, Powered USB, and Ethernet.
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