95ACC1033 - Datalogic Kyman Gun

95ACC1033 - Datalogic Kyman Gun

    Part# 95ACC1033

    Screen Protector Kit, 5 Pack

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95ACC1033 Product Description

The Datalogic Mobile Kyman Gun - Part# 95ACC1033 provides superior ergonomics with industrial sealing and high drop resistance for use in the most adverse conditions. This, along with state-of-the-art architecture, a wide range of data capture and state of the art communication options, make the Kyman Gun - Part# 95ACC1033 a versatile mobile computer for warehousing applications.

Additional Advantages and Benefits of the Datalogic Mobile Kyman Gun - Part# 95ACC1033:

  • 1.8 m (6 ft) drop resistance.
  • IP64 protection class.
  • Standard, High Performance and Extra Long Range laser 1D bar code reader, 2D imager.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Summit embedded Wi-Fi for enterprise-class mobile connectivity with CCX V4 certification.
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 or Windows CE 5.0.
  • User-accessible mini-SD and SIM slots.
  • QVGA color display with touch screen.
  • Add-on handle easy to install/remove.The Datalogic Mobile Kyman Gun - Part# 95ACC1033 rugged mobile computer is designed to survive demanding environments and provide ergonomics that reduce operator fatigue. A sturdy outer case with overmold protection ensures reliability and robustness. The Kyman Gun - Part# 95ACC1033 resists harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks, repetitive tumbles and freezing temperatures.
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