87998190 - Star TSP651

87998190 - Star TSP651

    Part# 87998190

    3-Year Swap-A-Star Warranty (Swap-A-Star, Three-year warranty for the TSP651 printer - must be purchased with printer.)

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87998190 Product Description

After the huge success of the Star TSP600, Star Micronics has decided to further enhance one of its legacy entry-level thermal printers by introducing the NEW Star TSP651 - Part# 87998190.

The TSP651 - Part# 87998190 features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in hospitality environments. The TSP651 - Part# 87998190 has all the new features of the Star TSP100, such as low cost and high performance combined with the ability to work effectively in any environment.

Out of the box, the Star TSP651 - Part# 87998190 can easily be configured in Star Line or ESC/POS emulation mode and features all interface options including USB and Ethernet due to its plug-in modules. New vertical mounting stand and splash proof cover options help make it one of the most reliable POS printers in the world.

The Star TSP651 - Part# 87998190 ships with Installation CD (Printer Driver / Manuals), setup guide, wall mount bracket, vertical mount pads, 58mm paper guide, power switch cover and start-up paper roll. With its “drop in and print” paper loading, small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter, the TSP651 - Part# 87998190 is a welcomed addition to POS systems.

A few of the value-added benefits are:

  • Fast - The TSP651 - Part# 87998190 has a print speed of 30RPM (receipts perminute) (150mm/second).
  • Reliable Guillotine Cutter. The TSP651 - Part# 87998190 adapted the super reliable mechanism and cutter from the unbreakable TSP100 family.
  • Interoperability - Available in Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, and USB & Works in the following environments: Windows™, XP™, Vista™, Linux, Mac OSX, OPOS, JavaPOS™, ESC/POS.In addition, the TSP651 - Part# 87998190 comes with Star's 3-year Limited Warranty, plus optional Extended Services Agreement Policies (Extend-A-Star and Swap-A-Star).

    The Star TSP651 - Part# 87998190 is ideal for retail establishments and restaurants.
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