8-0424-06 - PSC PowerScan

8-0424-06 - PSC PowerScan

    Part# 8-0424-06

    PS/2 Cable (12 ft., Keyboard Wedge for use with Laptops.)



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8-0424-06 Product Description

The PSC PowerScan - Part# 8-0424-06 handheld laser bar code scanners have been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of industrial users needing fast, accurate scanning capabilities from less than one inch to over 36 feet. Even poorly printed, torn, or disfigured labels can be read using PSC's QuadraLogic™ II decoding software.

PowerScan - Part# 8-0424-06 scanners autodiscriminate all standard bar code symbologies and automatically adjust to read a wide range of code densities down to 2.5 mils. Meeting the most stringent drop specification in the industry. PowerScan - Part# 8-0424-06 scanners are manufactured from high impact-resistant material and incorporate protective rubber cushioning at every point of impact.

Available in cordless and corded models, the PowerScan - Part# 8-0424-06 scanners include a feature called AutoSelect™ that enables fast switching between different hosts and applications by simply changing cables.

In addition, the scan window is made from a shatterproof material and is diamond coated to resist scratching. Added protection, provided by a frictionless scan mechanism and shock mountings for all internal optical components, ensure that the PSC PowerScan - Part# 8-0424-06 is the most rugged family of industrial handheld scanners on the market.

8-0424-06 Specifications

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