42203758-04E - Honeywell 3820

42203758-04E - Honeywell 3820

    Part# 42203758-04E

    RS232 Cable (RS232 Serial, DB9 Cable, Coiled, 7.7 feet for the HandHeld 3800r. Power Supply required - please see options below.)

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42203758-04E Product Description

The Honeywell 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E combines exclusive Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to provide class-leading performance and durability for retail and commercial wireless bar code reading.

In applications where operators must move about to read bar codes, cables become a limiting factor. They cause inefficiencies or safety and ergonomic concerns. Cable length often limits working range, resulting in an object being moved to the reader because the reader can't be taken to the object. With the Honeywell 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E wireless bar code reading, operators have freedom of movement required to quickly, safely, and ergonomically read bar code data.

With a 33 foot working range and 24 inch read-range, the 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E has the right combination of performance and features.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Honeywell 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E:
  • Superior Read Range: Imaging technology now extends the read range out to 24 inches on the bar codes used in retail applications
  • Fast and Aggressive Decode: Even on poorly printed or damaged codes, the 270 scans per second scan rate and software digitizer quickly processes the data and transmits it to your application
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.0 radio enables movement up to 33 feet from the base, and reduces interference with other wireless systems up to seven imagers can communicate to 1 base, reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Battery: A long-lasting, field-replaceable, high-capacity lithium ion battery provides up to 57,000 scans per full charge with no conditioning required
  • Optional FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption: Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certified for wireless data transmission, meeting advanced US Government security requirements, and providing enhanced security in any application involving sensitive data
  • Durable: Honeywell's solid state, no-moving-parts imager design withstands more than fifty six foot drops to concrete
  • Unique Base Design offers the following features:
      A minimal footprint that is smaller than major competitors', simplifying installation and leaving more counter space for customer service or other application needs.
      Presentation scanning with a docked imager for efficient, hands-free bar code reading.
      Host-powered interface and RF link an exclusive Honeywell feature that extends the mobile capabilities of the 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E by drawing power from a portable device for radio and host communications.

    Having the right performance is only part of the solution; staying in service is just as important. The 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E also has class-leading durability. It was designed to survive in real world mobile applications. Honeywell is committed to creating some of the most rugged products available, and the Honeywell 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E is another example of that commitment. With no moving parts and a robust housing design, the 3820 - Part# 42203758-04E will easily provide years of service in retail and commercial environments, creating a favorable total cost of ownership.
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