3870LXK-A2-232 - HHP ImageTeam 3870

3870LXK-A2-232 - HHP ImageTeam 3870

    Part# 3870LXK-A2-232

    Cordless Imager (RS232 Interface, Extended Long Range, RF Base. RS232 Cable, Charge Pack and Power Supply included.)



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3870LXK-A2-232 Product Description

The HHP ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232 cordless scanner is designed for tough industrial use, such as on loading docks, where shipping and receiving of materials requires the freedom to move around, and industry standards recommend the use of linear bar codes and PDF417 codes on shipping labels.

The cordless scanner is also ideal for manufacturing applications, such as work-in-process, where safety may be an issue. Eliminating the cables prevents the cord from getting entangled in machinery and equipment, thus avoiding the chance of an accident.

Other applications include interfacing to RF LAN based terminals mounted on forklift trucks, tool crib management, asset tracking, inventory control, and point-of-sale terminals.

The ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232 scanner joins a family of rugged and reliable cordless products, including the SCANTEAM 2070 host interface base unit.
  • The ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232PDF is designed for aggressive reading performance on PDF417 and MicroPDF417.
  • The ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232HD reads high density bar codes with dimensions as small as 3 mil.
  • The ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232LX reads 15 mil. codes out to 18 inches.
  • All these configurations feature an IP 54 sealedenclosure rating and the industry’s best drop specification for cordless scanners.

    The ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232 features linear imaging technology in a cordless bar code reader. A bright, sharp aiming line and high-resolution imaging combine to deliver bar code reading performance that was previously only possible using a laser scanner.

    The HHP ImageTeam 3870 - Part# 3870LXK-A2-232 offers many advantages over a laser scanner
  • Its aiming line is brighter than a standard laser
  • It scans and decodes 270 times per second, about seven times faster than a laser
  • It can read all common linear bar codes, plus PDF417 and MicroPDF417.
  • 3870LXK-A2-232 Specifications

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